DeSantis Says Biden Administration Was Hampering Efforts To Get Floridians Treatment For Coronavirus


Republican Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis, Republican Florida Governor DeSantis said to Mark Levin, a radio personality, that Washington’s ongoing criticism and bad press is “political.” DeSantis stated that the centers were set up this summer as we began to see the delta variant emerge. “We kept tens of thousands of people out of the hospital and saved thousands of lives. That is undisputed.”

DeSantis stated that “well, as that was happening September, the federal government decided on seizing control of monoclonal antibody supplies and cutting off supplies to Florida and Texas mainly.”

DeSantis stated that Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services refused to provide more treatment options for the state. DeSantis stated, “Oh Florida, you use too many of it.”

DeSantis stated that part of why we use more treatment than other states is because they have actually accepted it. “Most governors, people like Fauci, federal leadership basically say, get a shot, don’t talk about treatment.

DeSantis stated that “So to not deal with treatment, and be hostile people like me who have it, it shows so many of this is about the political agenda.” When you look at how these people are acting, it’s not about the best interest of the American people. “It’s all about partisanship.

DeSantis said to Levin that he believes the criticism from the left-wing media means that he is doing a great job. DeSantis stated, “If the corporate media nationally isn’t attacking me then I’m probably not doing what my job requires.”