CDC Changed Tune Before Omicron


Months before the discovery of the Omicron variant of the virus, public health officials have changed their minds about the efficacy and safety of coronavirus vaccines. They admitted in August that vaccines could not prevent the transmission of the virus – even though President Biden had suggested otherwise just recently.

Despite the fact that they were largely sold as such to the American public, Rochelle Walensky, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stated that coronavirus vaccines don’t prevent the transmission of the virus in an appearance on CNN’s The Situation Room.

“But what about the people who are fully vaccinated and get the breakthrough infection?” Is it possible for them to pass it on to their children? Could they pass it to their children? Wolf Blitzer, the host of the August 5 segment, asked Wolf Blitzer if they could pass on the virus to their older relatives.

“So, yes they can with the Delta variant. That was why we updated our guidance on Tuesday. Our vaccines work exceptionally well. They are still able to protect people from severe illnesses and death. She claimed that they prevent it. She continued, “But they can’t stop transmission.”

Walensky said, “So if someone is going home to somebody that hasn’t been vaccinated to somebody else who can’t get vaccinated, somebody who might have immunosuppressed, a little bit frail, or somebody who has comorbidities that place them at high risk, then I suggest you wear an indoor mask.”

“Especially in the case of a breakthrough case, COVID can be transmitted to others. Even though you are fully vaccinated, you may still get the virus from someone else. Blitzer sought clarification.

“That’s absolutely right. Walensky confirmed that this is where the masking suggestion came from.

Her August admission shows how public health officials had already changed their tune before the discovery of Omicron. In spite of this, President Biden continues to “overstate” — for months — the effectiveness of vaccines, at minimum from a point where transmissibility is concerned.

Biden said that his administration was working hard to ensure that “health care workers” are vaccinated at an October event, but his reasoning suggested that vaccines can prevent transmission.

He said, “Because you can seek care in a hospital or health care facility, you should be sure that those providing it are not exposed to COVID.”

PolitiFact even acknowledged that Biden critics had a point.

“Biden exaggerated the extent to which vaccination reduces the risk of spreading the virus to others. (The White House didn’t respond to questions regarding this article. PolitiFact wrote:

Biden also made the same claim in December.

Biden said that the pandemic was caused by the unvaccinated during a 14-day interview with a Dayton TV station. The unvaccinated are not the ones who should be vaccinated. That’s the problem. Everyone talks about freedom, but not having a chance or a test. Guess what? What about patriotism? What about being vaccinated to prevent spreading the disease to others?

PolitiFact also admitted, yet again, that vaccination doesn’t eliminate transmission risk. They deemed Biden’s statement “mostly falsified.”