Dems Suggest Voting Early In Person Instead Of Mail-In Ballots


Democrats have been spending the last few months urging people to vote absentee, but as the higher ballot rejection rates becomes clearer, many people are moving towards in-person voting. This is a big red flag to the left.

The radical left have been pushing the political agenda of mail-in ballots for months now to increase their chances of winning the election. This was to do things such as increase their ability to ballot harvest or “find” ballots to make up any vote differences they might need to win. The options have been endless in how the left is planning to steal this year’s election. They’ve already made it abundantly clear how far they will go to get President Trump out of office, but now, everything is backfiring on them instead.

The left has made an “emergency pivot” to promote in-person voting now. So, why the big switch? With the riots and lockdowns, the left hasn’t gotten the outcome they hoped for in the polls. Politicians have suddenly started informing voters on all available options, besides mail-in options. 

Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have both encouraged people to ‘vote early” in person and by mail. The Collective PAC and Black PAC have moved from educating voters on voting by mail to voting early In person. Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Idaho Senate candidate Paulette Jordan have both encouraged voters to physically take their mail-in ballots to a dropbox or a local courthouse.  

“For us it’s always been about how we can get people to vote early no matter what, and that’s our number one priority,” said Jenn Ridder, national states director for the Biden campaign. The Biden campaign has transitioned from making the entire election about mail-in ballots to encouraging people to “vote however they are most comfortable.”

This all changed when the left was given the expected volume of absentee voting this year. State rulings predicted tens of thousands of ballots in swing states. Voters in large states, such as Florida, were predicted to have twice as many rejected ballots for those who had never voted that way before. 

The election officials have had more than enough time to master crowd management during primaries and make sure masks, gloves, sanitizer, and bleach wipes are more than readily available. People who have never done mail-in balloting before are finding a ton of new rules and guidelines to follow, ultimately resulting in lost votes. 

Who are these new rules going to impact the most? Well, Democrats will be voting more by mail while Republicans vote more in person. So this will hurt the Democrats more than the Republicans. We’ve been telling people to vote in person for months now, even the experts said it was safe. 

Now there’s all this chaos with mail-in ballots and the Dems have no one to blame but themselves.