Democrats Push Limits On Ability To Fire A Gun In Kentucky


Three Democrats are pushing for an ordinance that bans the discharge of firearms within city limits.
The three council members Pat Mulvihill (D), Bill Hollander(D), and Nicole George (D) indicated that they intend to reduce the number of stray bullets targeting innocent citizens in the city. WHAS 11 reported.

Residents who supported the ban pointed out the fact that guns are often fired on holidays like the Fourth of July. This suggests that so many people shoot guns into the air that children are afraid.

The Courier-Journal observed that New Year’s Day gunfire is also heavy, noting that 325 calls to the 911 center in Louisville were made for shots to be fired during those holidays.

The Democrat-run Louisville saw a rise in gun crime, breaking the city’s annual homicide record in 2021.

Hollander, a Metro Council member, wants to make sure that people don’t think the proposed ban on shooting within city limits will somehow solve the gun crime.