ADL Quietly Changed Its Definition Of Racism To Exclude White People


The Anti-Defamation League, a group that claims to be non-partisan in its fight against hate and discrimination, but is actually a far-left partisan outfit that frequently smears conservatives regularly, has changed its definitions of “racism” to exclude white people in 2020.

This update uses the language of critical racism theory to suggest that only people of color can be victims of racist behavior and that systems that favor people who are not white are not racist.

Online archives indicate that the change took place between June 2020 and September 2020. Although the change was not noticed at the time, it has been brought to our attention via social media.

The ADL’s definitions of racism were accepted by most Americans on June 1, 2020.

Racism refers to the belief that one race is better than another and that a person’s moral and social traits are determined by their biological makeup. Racial segregation is the belief that different races should be kept apart and apart, often based on racism.

After a summer of violence, looting, and murder brought on by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the old definition was no longer used.

It was replaced by a shorter definition that is more in line with far-left critical racism theory. This defines racism as the oppression and persecution of people of color by white people.

People of color are marginalized and/or oppressed because of a socially constructed race hierarchy that favors white people.

According to the ADL, far-left critical racism theory was previously defined as racist. This is because it suggested that “a person’s social and moral characteristics are predetermined” — meaning that white people are privileged and oppressive due to their inborn characteristics.

This argument is used in the new definition, which makes the ADL racist according to its previous definition.

ADL’s revised definition seems to support, or at the very least not oppose, racial hierarchy in general. It is only racial hierarchies that are beneficial to white people. This implies that a race hierarchy that leaves white people behind would not be considered racist.