Democrats Are Upset With Nancy Pelosi Over The Numerous Spending Bills


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps pretending like she has House Democrats under control, even though the party is split on voting for the bipartisan bill without the massive spending bill. The numbers aren’t adding up and some moderate Democrats have refused to support or vote in favor of the $3.5 trillion spending bill. The party has continued to split and the person who is supposed to be the “glue” isn’t holding everything together.

Pelosi failed to keep her promise on Thursday after telling reporters that Democrats are “on a path” towards a vote in an infrastructure bill, despite progressives making it clear that they will not vote on a larger bill. The vote didn’t take place, as Pelosi promised. She later shared that the House had been in recess on Thursday and that Friday was still considered to be “Thursday.” She wouldn’t admit that she couldn’t just get her party to vote on a bill.

Some radical left members like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders have promised to vote against the bipartisan bill unless the massive spending bill is connected, but moderates have made it clear that there is “no way” the massive spending bill will make it through the Senate. Moderate Democrats have vowed to send through the bipartisan bill and claim a win for Washington D.C, but AOC and Sanders are making that nearly impossible.

New Jersey Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski warned that his party could lose control of the House next year if they don’t stop fighting and “get their sh** done.” He told reporters that if the election was held right now, he doesn’t believe they would win. He said they are the party that “delivers” while Republicans are the party that “defaults,” adding that Democrats need to spend the next couple of weeks getting everything in order.

But even Cook Political Report Senior Editor David Wasserman shared that the GOP is “poised” to retake the lower chamber in 2022. He called them the “early favorites” for the House majority and said that Democrats’ best hope is that Biden’s approval ratings stay above 50%. He said Democrats will also have to depend on Republicans having a tough time turning out voters without Trump on the ballot.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Sean Patrick also warned the media that the House would lose its majority if the midterms were held today.

Pelosi released a “Dear Colleague” letter on Saturday discussing how more time was needed to pass the infrastructure bill. She mentioned the October 31st Surface Transportation Authorization deadline, which is a 30-day extension on passing the infrastructure bill. “Again, we will and must pass both bills soon. We have the responsibility and the opportunity to do so.  People are waiting and want results,” the speaker wrote.

Many moderate Democrats were not happy with the delay on the vote, including Sen. Kyrsten Sinema who pointed out how Democratic leaders have made conflicting promises that could not be kept. She went on to say that they’ve pretended “differences of opinion” within the party do not exist, even when those disagreements were made directly and publicly.

Sinema said the 30-day extension betrays the trust of the American people and the elected leaders by denying the country the investments and economic opportunities they need. Sinema, being one of the two Democrats refusing to vote for the spending package, emphasized how her vote will always belong to Arizona and that she does not trade them for political favors. She went on to say that she votes for what is best for the state and that she would never agree to any bargain that would hold one piece of legislation hostage to another.

“Arizonans, and all everyday Americans, expect their lawmakers to consider legislation on the merits — rather than obstruct new jobs and critical infrastructure investments for no substantive reason. What Americans have seen instead is an ineffective stunt to gain leverage over a separate proposal,” Sinema said.

In the midst of the fighting, Democrats are emphasizing the stress of “creating jobs in the health care, family, and climate agendas.” Pelosi has claimed it is a “shared value” the Democrats are working on together and that the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill will pass once they have agreed on the reconciliation bill. It’s hard to believe that Democrats care about creating jobs when they are using every opportunity to fire people for not being vaccinated. At this point, the best possible outcome would be to split the bills and end the massive spending with all of the buried pet projects within the pages.