California To Sue Tesla Over Allegations Of Racial Discrimination


Tesla alleges that the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing intends to sue it for racial discrimination and harassment.

Reuters reports on Wednesday that Tesla has informed the California DFEH that they will file a lawsuit against the company alleging systematic racial harassment, discrimination, and other acts. According to Tesla, the suit will be focused on misconduct allegations at Fremont’s California facility between 2015 and 2019.

Tesla claims that the DFEH did not produce any evidence of wrongdoing by the automaker and that past claims made by employees have been investigated and proved unfounded.

Tesla will ask for the court to suspend its case and take other steps to ensure that the facts and evidence are heard. Fundamental fairness must be prioritized and the best interests of workers must be protected.

Last year, two female employees sued Tesla. Two female employees sued Tesla last year.

Diaz was said to have held his head in his hands after hearing the verdict and referred to the $136 million decision by the Jury as a weight off his shoulders.

Diaz stated that it “brings attention to what’s going on inside Tesla’s plant.” “Elon Musk, your attention is paid. ”

This is also, reportedly Tesla’s second case in which he was found liable in a case involving allegations of racism and discrimination. Tesla is accused of failing to stop the behavior.