Biden’s Border Crisis Means More Human Trafficking, More Sex Trafficking, More Drug Trafficking


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently held a roundtable discussion about President Biden’s border crisis. He stated how former president Donald Trump’s administration’s policies have made America a better place.

He said that there were many victims, such as those we saw in Jacksonville. These are people who have been trafficked into the United States and then committed crimes in the United States. He was referring to an example of an illegal alien who claimed to be 17, but was actually 24, and was later indicted in Jacksonville for first-degree murder.

“So let’s get it right. It is important to observe the rule of law. It is important that we follow the Constitution and have an orderly process. The governor pledged that it was important to do everything possible to protect Florida’s citizens.

Breitbart News reported that DeSantis has been keenly focused on Biden’s border failures in recent week, offering a “blistering criticism of President Joe Biden’s administration’s efforts to hinder the implementation of a rule released by the governor in December to block resettlement for unaccompanied migrant kids in state-licensed facilities within the Sunshine State.”

In December, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader (Republican from California), revealed that Biden was keeping a “dirty secret” from Americans. He said that the people who flood the border from 160 countries are being targeted by suspected terrorists.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy was afraid of the dirty little secret. McCarthy added, “The part that scares the most is that a lot of our members went to the border with us and we went down very quickly once the administration changed their behavior and these policies.”

“When I was there I spoke to a border agent in El Paso and he said that they are seeing more drugs than ever before and that they are catching terrorist watchlist people. It’s not only people from Central America. It’s people of 160 different countries,” he stated, noting that the U.S. has people who come from Yemen and are on the terror watchlist.

“Why would they come to America in this way?” What are they planning for America? With what happened in Afghanistan, I fear that people will know how to get here from other countries. He said that this is a serious threat to America.