BLM Targets Black Democrat


The Black Lives Matter movement has targeted an unlikely figure in the midst of the chaos – Los Angeles County’s first Black and female district attorney, a homegrown prosecutor raised in South L.A named Jackie Lacey. They have targeted Lacey, a Democrat, for what they see as an unwillingness to prosecute police officers. Jackie Lacey then went on CNN in a newly released interview to slam the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

A video went viral after Black Lives Matter activists arrived at her home in protest and her husband pulled a gun on demonstrators. At least 30 demonstrators showed up to demand a meeting with the district attorney when her husband pulled the gun out and demanded they leave his property. He had every right to pull a gun on his private property since the protesters were trespassing and showing up at 5 in the morning uninvited. 

The protesters were voicing displeasure with the delayed arrest of wealthy Democratic donor Ed Buck, who was charged in the overdose deaths of two black males in his home. The group was also demanding immediate police reform as well as a dismantling of the justice system, launching a campaign to end Lacey’s career by attempting to vote her out of office, or force her to resign. 

“I get in here and the most vocal group who wants to take me out is a group known as Black Lives Matter. While you may look at a shooting by an officer and say, ‘Oh, they would have shot him in the leg, they didn’t have to respond that way,’ that’s not the test under California law. The test is when somebody’s life is in danger,” Lacey reasoned.

She added that she has more in common with the Black Lives Matter movement than they seem to think, and believes that the criminal justice system should be overhauled rather than taken apart entirely. Lacey has advocated for redistributing funds, mental health funds to go to communities of color, and advocating for the treatment of drug addiction. She says that taking the police out of the community and expecting when a crime happens to just let someone else respond is completely unrealistic. 

“I’m going to care less about what people say and more about how I want this book to end. I want to see less juveniles in our system, less people on the streets. I don’t want it to end like this, right? That was the first African-American to hold this job, and protesters ran her out. That doesn’t seem like a just ending,” Lacey said.

Lacey expects to keep working, but has revealed that her “next term” will be her last. It’s unfortunate that BLM thinks they can show up on people’s private property and not be held accountable. But it’s all of the “poor me” mentality of the “victims” sharing stories of feeling traumatized being held at gunpoint outside of Lacey’s home. 

Maybe next time, the “protesters” will try to abolish private property and resort to absolute anarchism instead. They’ll say and do just about anything to advance a lie they profit from. People are starting to realize, even black female democrats such as Jackie Lacey herself, that enough is enough.