A Gotcha Moment?


The cancel culture, mostly the progressive left, has been on a roll this year looking to dismantle every vestige of American history and culture. From ripping apart the justice system to tearing down every historical statue, the left is never at rest. 

This time it has been the liberal-washed Hollywood focusing on “cancelling” every celebrity or show that doesn’t follow their political narrative. Whether it’s “Gone With The Wind,” children’s shows, the company ‘Goya’ that the SJW’s decided to cancel because of support for President Trump, and so forth, everyone in the public eye has decided to become an activist to save their own career.

Conservatives in the entertainment industry have had a lot to deal with in the last few months. If they don’t follow mainstream media’s political views, then they are “racist.” Conservatives have been talking about those accused of racism should just ignore it and turn back around. That’s exactly what actor Dean Cain has had to tell the cancel culture mob who tried to attack him for one of his former roles. 

Dean Cain isn’t exactly one of the left’s favorite people. A Washington D.C theater cancelled “FBI Lovebirds: Undercover,” a play about FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page he was set to star in. His interactions on social media sites remain as friendly as anyone’s, even to the Twitter trolls.

A twitter troll tried to cancel Cain himself when posting a clip from a spin-off sitcom “A Different World” from “The Cosby Show” which aired from 1987 to 1993. The clip was trying to imply that Cain was racist because of the dialogue his character said in the scene. “They [black people] have no respect. They [black people] don’t care about this country at all. All they [black people] do is sit on their butt and complain!” Gasp, an actor reading through a script and acting. Who would’ve thought?

“This is me acting on ‘A Different World’. Very powerful episode,” Cain tweeted in response. Seemed pretty explanatory to me and, luckily, most of his fans as well. The show generally was themed around happiness and appreciation, though this episode was powerful in how they talked about anger and hatred. Many jokingly question if the cancel culture was really trying to cancel an actor based on a fictional character he played. 

Nick Searcy, Peabody award winner and international film and television star, came to Cain’s defense too. “I’ve played Democrats before too, Dean,” Searcy wrote. Talk about a good comeback. Dems are so desperate these days for a “gotcha” moment they are willing to drag up television clips from 40 years ago. 

I’m astonished at the number of people who associate roles actors get paid to play versus the real and personal beliefs of the actor. It is real trouble that people think actors ARE the roles that they play, and if that is the case, liberal Hollywood won’t have trouble finding real racists to play real racist roles.