Biden Walking In Circles During Recent CBS Interview


In a recent interview with CBS Evening News, President Joe Biden refused to give a solid answer on why he doesn’t believe his predecessor, Donald Trump, should have access to intelligence briefings anymore. Intelligence briefings are a common courtesy that has been historically granted to all outgoing presidents. What makes this time any different? Democrats took the election and are still talking about how much they despise Trump during interviews. Unity, right?

“Should President Trump still receive intelligence briefings?” CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell asked Biden. “I think not because of his erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection,” Biden responded.

“You’ve called him an existential threat. You’ve called him dangerous. You’ve called him reckless,” O’Donnell said.

Biden elaborated on what he feared could happen if Trump continued to receive intelligence briefings and made speculations regarding what he thought. He called him “unfit to be president” and said there was no benefit to him receiving them and letting some of the classified or sensitive information “slip.”

“I just think that there is no need for him to have the intelligence briefings. What value is giving him an intelligence briefing? What impact does he have at all, other than the fact he might slip and say something?” Biden responded rhetorically.

While former presidents can retain access to high-level briefings if they request one, Trump has not asked for one yet. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said earlier that Biden’s U.S Intelligence community would review any requests for intelligence briefings from Trump, in keeping with normal practice.

Biden’s national security team was also looking into whether to extend intelligence briefings to Trump at all. “It’s something, obviously, that’s under review, but there was not a conclusion last I asked them about it,” Psaki told reporters.

Biden dodged another question during his interview on how he would vote during the upcoming impeachment trial for Trump, were he still a member of the Senate.

“Look, I ran like hell to defeat him because I thought he was unfit to be president. I’ve watched what everybody else watched, what happened when that crew invaded the United States Congress. But I’m not in the Senate now. I’ll let the Senate make that decision,” he said.

Trump said before that he never read the intelligence briefings during his presidency, so why would he read them now? Democrats continue their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ on mainstream media platforms with endless impeachment talk and an attempted ban on intelligence briefings.

The briefings are there so they can give counsel to the current president if necessary. At least keeping the option open for Trump might be the first step in unifying? But why would the Democrats ever do that?