Biden Campaign Slams Facebook Over Blocked Ads


The Biden Campaign recently slammed the tech giant Facebook for removing thousands of ads that had been previously approved for the platform. They were blocked as part of Facebook’s pre-election blackout on new political ads. This ban limits the spread of misinformation around election day and hit campaigns in both parties by cutting off certain messages at one of the most important times.

“To put the FB issues into context, Trump is running ads that say that Biden’s tax plan will cause a 14% increase for middle-class families and our ad that clarifies that he won’t raise taxes on anyone making <$400K is currently rejected on certain key targeting tracks,” tweeted Megan Clasen, senior paid media adviser for Joe Biden. 

The issue with the Biden Campaign’s complaint is that it is true. By rolling back tax cuts that President Trump put into place and raising taxes on the wealthy, business owners will be forced to let a percentage of their workers go and the taxes that are implemented will then fall onto the workers. It’s always ironic when the radical left advocates for censorship, then gets surprised when they are censored themselves.  

Clasen claimed that Facebook algorithms are in Trump’s favor because they are more “controversial” and full of engagement. It costs the Trump campaign less than ads cost the Biden Campaign. 

“We have no scale of the problem, who it is affecting, and their plan to resolve it. We find ourselves five days out from Election Day unable to trust that our ads will run properly, or if our opponents are being given unfair, partisan advantage,” said Rob Flaherty, Biden campaign digital director. 

Facebook came out with a statement regarding political ads and the final stages of this campaign season. 

“Even though the majority of political and issue ads have been unaffected, since the restriction took effect, we have identified a number of unanticipated issues affecting campaigns of both political parties. Some were technical problems. Others were because advertisers did not understand the instructions we provided about when and how to make changes to ad targeting. We have implemented changes to fix these issues, and most political ads are now running without any problems.”

The Biden Campaign wants to complain about an ad targeting their plan to raise taxes. Higher taxes is the only way to get “free medicare” and “free college.” Free still has to get paid for, but that’s not something the radical left wants to explain to their voters. It’s easier to sugarcoat everything in fear-fueled stories and divisive headlines.  Now