Will Trump Eat Him Alive?


Well, Sleepy Joe can’t hide in his basement forever and he said he’s ready to take on President Trump during this debate season. He said he’s tired of allowing corporate media to do his dirty work for him…he’s tired? Shocker.

Biden recently gave a speech in Wilmington, Delaware where he told reporters he “can hardly wait” when they asked about his preparation for the debates. He then confirmed that he will be participating in all three customary presidential debates and is looking forward to them. This statement came days after his campaign informed the Presidential Debate Commission that they would not accept Trump’s proposal to participate in more than the standard three debates. Trump has proposed more debates, as well as relaxed rules in suggesting the debates rely less on moderators and more time for the candidates to talk about their positions and agendas. 

The Biden Campaign has attacked President Trump for trying to create a distracting debate about debates. Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon even sent a letter to the commission, obtained by Fox News, that outlines the campaign’s expectations for the debate. She confirmed Biden will accept and participate in the 3 planned debates, then added that President Trump is merely trying to dodge “fair even-handed” debates.

This isn’t a surprise that Biden wants to avoid more debates and stick to the rules. Both parties know that Biden doesn’t do well in situations where he’s expected to do a lot of talking. Podcast Host Joe Rogan even said on his show, where he gets about 400 million views a month, that “Trump will eat him alive” during the debates. 

Biden’s cognitive issues were easy to mask when there were more Democratic primary candidates but now that it’s just him and Trump it won’t be easy to mask the constant gaffes and blunders. Trump’s 2020 communications director Tim Murtaugh even ripped into Biden and his campaign saying, “It’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden’s handlers are afraid to send their candidate out without a script and teleprompter handy. An earlier and longer debate schedule is necessary so Americans can see the clear difference between President Trump’s vibrant leadership and Biden’s confused meandering.”

The more visible Biden is, the better Trump’s chances are for re-election. This is the exact reason Biden’s campaign team has kept him locked in a basement this long. They seek to save Biden from himself, but that is not necessarily a viable and long-term strategy. We’ll probably watch, come September 29 for the first debate, Biden gaffe his way to lower poll numbers and the numbers will swing in Trump’s favor. The fact that Biden is being required to show himself will be just enough ammo for President Trump to use against him along the way. Knowing that he is the President, he will do just that. 

In the current environment, all Biden’s had to do is show up without a stain on his shirt and remember what day it is. It’s going to be just fine with three debates. After the first one, Biden will be toast.