Why The Left Media Has No Answers:


Here we go…Another Liberal attacking a political figure but still providing no answers for the working class people. In a recent CNN Interview, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman sat down with Anderson Cooper. She has taken the “controversial” position that hotels and casinos on the Vegas Strip should be opened. Cooper was petrified at the very thought of that and spent the remaining time of the 25-minute interview showing it. 

First of all, Cooper seems to jump around in questions and tricks to get Goodman to try to say something she isn’t. He questions the opening of the strip to then insinuate “so you don’t believe in social distancing?” and so forth. Completely off balance. What the Left has tried to preach is that social distancing is about isolating everything. Conservatives believe you can social distance, through hygiene and spacing, without closing every non-essential business. The spread of the virus can be reduced without crumbling the U.S economy. 

Goodman continues on to suggest that businesses themselves would find and implement methods to keep customers and employees as safe as possible. Ultimately, this is what should happen. Private businesses do not exist at the liberty of the federal government and no governor of any state relaxing restrictions is forcing any business to open or any customer to go there. Conservatives simply want free people the right to make their own choices. Isn’t that the center to the whole “freedom thing”?

Cooper spends the rest of the interview with a “I can’t believe you said that” facial expression, not the least bit interested in anything she was saying. Goodman rightfully notes that reopening with no risk could not happen for over a year and Cooper had no answer as to when they might be able to open. A Liberal with no  actual answers? Shocking.

He then continued the interview as a debate in terms he chose. This was about when the Vegas Strip should open in which the Las Vegas Mayor got ripped on Twitter by smug CNN fans. The best Cooper could come up with is that people not having jobs is awful but it’s too soon to open things. He then added “we will be sure to let you know” as a final thought. This doesn’t put food on the table for the workers of Nevada, let alone all of the American families. 

Because no one has the answers for anything, CNN has realized they can place blame on Trump for the virus. That it’s a moral issue and not a policy issue. The media will not face the same competing interests better than the mayors who will face severe budget shortfalls, huge unemployment, closed businesses, and increased drug use. But, of course, none of these things are as important as social distancing. 

It’s unfortunate for Left news networks to take such a view and emphasis on specific social structures being that they will not be dealing with the aftermath of this crisis in six months. They will be covering the election. It is Mayors like Carolyn Goodman standing up for their communities and hardworking people who should be respected and listened to.