Why Sen. Ted Cruz Is Ditching Masks At The Capitol


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz joined GOP colleagues Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Roger Marshall earlier this week and shared that he is no longer wearing a mask while working at the Capitol or on the Senate floor. He said he’s been vaccinated against COVID-19, as well as everybody else working in the Senate, and cited the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention guidelines that state you don’t need to wear masks in small groups of vaccinated people.

Sen. Cruz then became the target of CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who shamed him for going mask-less. Democrats keep shaming everyone else for ditching their masks because they were shamed themselves into wearing one.

“Cruz explains, ‘At this point, I’ve been vaccinated. Everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated.’ No, not your staff, not a lot of people in the media, they haven’t gotten it! And the current CDC guidelines state very clearly that if you’ve been vaccinated, you gotta still keep taking precautions like wearing a mask. You can still get sick- you won’t be as sick, but you can give it to somebody else. So he’s not just wrong, he’s doing it for the wrong reason,” Cuomo exclaimed on “Cuomo Prime Time.”

Cuomo, himself, has gotten in trouble for not always following mask guidance. Last fall, it was reported that Cuomo got in trouble for not following mask guidelines in his apartment building, as well as seen socializing without a mask at a downtown private members club. A source told the New York Post that he was not socially distancing, walking around, shaking hands, and greeting people without a mask.

Cuomo was also seen breaking quarantine last April and visiting another property in the Hamptons while recovering from COVID-19. He later staged his own cringe-worthy “reemergence” from the basement after finishing his quarantine, despite public knowledge that he’d broken his own brother’s rules.

It’s been quite the double standard for Chris Cuomo to walk around and brush off the rules while his own brother, Andrew Cuomo, is implementing harsh COVID-19 restrictions and senseless rules that are attacking the restaurant industry.

Cruz fired back at Cuomo and asked if his brother “believed in science” when he sent Covid-positive patients into nursing homes, killed tens of thousands of New Yorkers & then repeatedly lied about it. “Oh, I forgot, CNN won’t cover that,” Cruz adds.

Last month, Cruz was also harassed by a reporter who wanted him to wear a mask while speaking at a news conference. Even though Cruz told the reporter he would not wear a mask while talking to a TV camera and that everyone has been immunized, the reporter insisted that the masks would make “us feel better.” Cruz then replied, “You’re welcome to step away if you’d like.”

If you’ve been vaccinated, why would you need to wear a mask and social distance still? Unless the vaccine doesn’t work? Sen. Ted Cruz has been vaccinated and Chris Cuomo had the virus and went out in public. CNN might not know the difference, but the rest of us do.