White Fragility Author Gets Paid $12K By Ohio State To Do Zoom Lecture On Privilege


According to a recently signed contract by Ohio State University, White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo was paid $12,000 in taxpayers’ dollars to deliver a virtual keynotes speech and Q&A on white privilege. She has been one of the most prominent figures pushing Critical Race Theory and has continued to call herself an anti-racist consultant.

DiAngelo used two primary frameworks to outline the speech in her $12,000 contract. Her first framework is “Seeing the Racial Water” and explains what makes racism so hard for White people to see and the second framework is “White Fragility,” which centers on the notion that White people maintain control over society.

The framework also accuses White people of claiming to be “misunderstood” when they are really trying to reinstate white racial equilibrium to maintain control of society. The theories are based on her book “White Fragility,” as well as the CRT workshops and training that have been taught across the country. The book made it to the number 1 on the New York Times bestsellers list last summer during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests.

DiAngelo’s latest book, “Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm,” made it on the New York Times Bestseller list only after selling 3,500 copies its first week. The book was scorched by reviewers and journalists as “unreadable and morally disgusting.”

The contract was signed by DiAngelo and Ohio State’s Senior Commodity Manager Alejandra Meechan, adding that DiAngelo does not consent to have her presentation filmed or recorded, even if it’s for archival purposes or later broadcast. She has stated the same policies in her CRT training and workshops, arguing that it is her “intellectual property.” DiAngelo has also refused to distribute slides beforehand or make them available for participants.

DiAngelo reportedly brings in around $728,000 annually from speaking engagements, charging an average of $14,000 per speech. 

The event was the 22nd Annual President and Provost’s Diversity Lecture & Cultural Arts Series, with DiAngelo being the sole speaker. She lectured for a little more than an hour on Zoom and it was free to the public. According to the contract, DiAngelo does not permit live Q&A’s and debate is not allowed in the cards. She even adds that she does not generally accommodate phone conversations but charges $300 an hour “should it be necessary.”

It’s hard to believe DiAngelo could price controversial lectures that high, especially since the taxpayers fund it. The National Association of Scholars president Peter Wood said DiAngelo’s three books are “fatuous and rather silly diatribes” that have only made her famous and wealthy.

DiAngelo’s name became well known when a whistle-blower informed the public that she’d lectured for the Coca-Cola Company on teaching employees how to be “less white.”

“DiAngelo’s words to the students of Ohio State are guaranteed as worthless and a waste of public resources. Her $12,000 speaker fee at OSU is, in effect, a tribute paid by the taxpayers of Ohio to a race-hustling propagandist,” Wood said.

Nothing like getting paid $12k to lecture on Zoom from your own home. And to think that the topic of conversation at hand was “privilege.”