Warren’s BLM Easter Eggs


The Dems love a good performance. On the third night of the Democratic National Convention, Elizabeth Warren attempted to show her support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. The radical left on social media was left pretty unimpressed. 

Warren’s team decided it was time to decorate a preschool set full of hidden BLM messages, instead of spending her time talking about policy. It is ironic enough that the backdrop of her set was a school, being that the Democrats are trying to keep the schools closed. Leave it up to a liberal to try grabbing votes through an SNL-looking skit full of block letters, rather than the context of her political party’s message. 

She spent her time on-air criticizing the Trump Administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and touting plans in Joe Biden’s political platform. It was a complete eye-roll and empty gesture, even for the radical left.

“So excited that the allegedly left-leaning party has to hide even moderate positions like #BLM in an I-Spy puzzle during their actual f*****g convention when they are supposed to be talking about actual goals. Yay for meaningless gestures!” said one BLM supporter. 

Warren also faced heavy criticism when featured recently at the DNC’s Native American Caucus Meeting. She was asked as a “self-identifying Cherokee” to participate in the meeting on Tuesday, drawing social media critics to laugh and dismay at her indigenous ancestry. If white privilege really existed, why did Warren have to lie about being Native American to get ahead in the race?

A DNA test in 2018 revealed that she is a scant 1/10124th Native American, earning her the nickname “Pocahontas” from President Donald Trump. People pointed this out on Twitter when former Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Glanagan promoted the event. “Will @ewarren be speaking for 1/1024% the amount of time the actual Native Americans will be speaking?” one Twitter user wrote. 

The clips of Warren speaking to the Native American Caucus was a bragging ceremony of the Democrats work for “Indian country” and expressing her gratitude for being asked to participate in the panel. The live stream chat function was disabled by the DNC after people started commenting and weighing in on Warren’s presence.

This is just another example of “cutesy” liberal activism that cries out for justice through some enormous sell-out. No doubt about it, the bar has been set incredibly low this year for the Democratic National Convention.