Walmart Pushes Critical Race Theory On Employees


Walmart has joined the list of ‘woke’ corporations in training more than 1,000 of their employees in Critical Race Theory, which denounces the US as “systematically racist” and tells staffers to accept their guilt and shame. The training even suggests that people should stop thinking “white is right.” The company confirmed a number of training sessions and said they are devoted to creating a more “racially equitable organization,” even though some staff members believe the training is anything but.

The Walmart training program was revealed by City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, who was told that staff members were separated into racially segregated affinity groups for the course. The documents claimed that the staff members needed to be separated because “people of color and White people have their own work to do in understanding and addressing racism.” The training has been driven by Walmart Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon, who said he is a “true believer” in every Fortune 100 company adopting the woke training for hourly wage store staff and executives.

Minority employee groups were told that they suffer from “constructed racist oppression” and that they internalize their racial inferiority by creating self-hate, anger, rage, and lowered self-esteem. The group members are even told that thinking they are “normal” and not the problem is reflected in their internalized racial superiority. They are then told to accept their “guilt and shame” for being complicit in racism and reaching a stage where “White can do right.” The documents also note that all but one of Walmart’s nine top executives are White.

Minorities are told that they are constrained by racist oppression, lowered expectations, and very limited choices.

The training has been adopted by more than 1,000 Walmart leaders, including 395 officers, since 2018. A spokesperson shared that while the company does not agree with “all of the views that are presented,” they found the sessions to be “thought-provoking and constructive.”

The courses included the core principles of talking about things like internalized racial oppression and White anti-racist development. They were taught through a two-day workshop that cost $20,000 for corporations, $15,000 for an institution, and $12,000 for a community. The virtual presentation is capped at a firm 35 participants to maximize engagement.

The “Walmart Way” asserts White Americans that are guilty of White privilege and internalized racial superiority. According to the program, White Supremacy culture is about power hoarding, damaging people of color, individualism, objectivity, paternalism, and defensiveness.

Walmart is joining the long line of Anti-White and Marxist companies out to destroy America and its institutions. But they have no problem doing business with China despite having a history of human rights abuses. Disney has also asked employees to complete a White privilege checklist and talk through the ideas that America was founded on systemic racism. Verizon has also presented “anti-racism training modules” to employees with topics such as institutional racism, micro-aggressions, micro-inequity, and intersectionality.

Many users have pointed to boycotting Walmart while others believe it is just another political ploy by the Democrats to push their race-based agenda. They’ve continued to recycle the same 2018 anti-racist training to “keep the bit going” but the act is up. All of the big corporations, media, and big government are pushing the same ideas. Let that sink in.