W.H.O Warns Endless Booster Shots Not Appropriate Or Sustainable


The World Health Organization recently warned that international health agencies should not administer “booster doses of Chinese coronavirus vaccinations to their populations.”

The W.H.O. stated that “[a] vaccination strategy based upon repeated booster doses from the original vaccine composition is not likely to be appropriate nor sustainable.” In a January 11 statement, the “Technical Advisory Group for COVID-19 Vaccine Composition” stated that. The W.H.O. cited the “evolutionary virus” as a reason for not recommending booster shots on Tuesday. As a reason not to recommend booster shots on Tuesday, “SARS-C0V-2” was cited.

SARS-C0V-2 was first reported in Wuhan, China in autumn or winter 2019. However, much remains to be known about the origins of the virus. The W.H.O. first announced a global pandemic caused by the virus in late 2019. The W.H.O., an international public health organization of the United Nations, declared the virus on March 11, 2020. W.H.O. The W.H.O. stated that on January 11, five strains of SARS C0V-2 were designated “variants of concern” by the organization. These include Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Omicron, first discovered by scientists in southern Africa on November 11, 2021, by scientists, has been shown to be particularly capable of evading all Chinese coronavirus vaccines. Bloomberg reported that a measure of antibody levels (called geometric mean titers) fell from 1,419 against coronavirus strain 1 to 80 among Pfizer shot recipients on December 15, 2021.

“The same measure fell to 303 against the original strain and to undetectable amounts against omicron for those who had received J&J’s [Johnson & Johnson] shots,” the news agency said, citing laboratory results on omicron’s “immune escape”, released December 14, 2021.

Bloomberg reports that the study examined “blood plasma samples taken from patients who received two doses of BioNTech SE vaccine or Pfizer Inc.’s Pfizer Inc. vaccine, and those who had received the J&J single shot inoculation.”

Penny Moore, a South African virologist, stated that Omicron exhibits substantial immune escape from antibodies. She presented her findings in a presentation. She stated that she believed the situation was even more concerning for the J&J vaccine because there was no detectable neutralization in her assay.

FDAnews reported that AstraZeneca’s Chinese coronavirus vaccine is “completely ineffective against Omicron variants by 15 weeks,” citing a preliminary effectiveness test done in Britain. BioNTech and Pfizer acknowledged that their coronavirus vaccine was not able to prevent infection by the omicron strain of SARS/CoV-2 in a press statement issued December 8, 2021.

Pharmaceutical giants used the failure to offer people an opportunity to get a third dose of their Chinese coronavirus vaccine series. Originally, they required only two doses.

Israel’s government was the first to start administering fourth doses of Chinese coronavirus vaccines on December 31, 2021, to its citizens in order to protect them against the emerging strains SARS-CoV-2.

The European Medicines Agency (E.M.A. The official regulator of the European Union’s health system, the European Medicines Agency (E.M.A. On January 11, the European Union’s official health regulator, (E.U.), warned against the administration of the fourth shot of coronavirus vaccinations. It reminded the public worldwide that there are no data to support this new strategy’s safety or efficacy.

E.M.A. Marco Cavaleri, chief of vaccine strategy, told reporters Tuesday that there was no evidence supporting the need to administer a fourth dose of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine. Cavaleri warned that booster dose recipients could develop problems with their immune response.

The E.M.A. stated that while additional boosters may be used in contingency plans, repeated vaccines at short intervals would not make for a long-term strategy. An official said during a press conference.