W.H.O Chief Backs Neil Young Against Joe Rogan


The globalist World Health Organization, (W.H.O.), announced Thursday that it sided with Neil Young in his stand-off with Joe Rogan. The globalist World Health Organization (W.H.O.) announced Thursday that it was siding with Neil Young, a left-wing rocker in the standoff with Joe Rogan and streaming giant Spotify.

After Spotify stated it would remove the artist’s music from its platform, the singer demanded that the company blacklist Joe Rogan or his podcast.

He announced his support for the veteran musician, thanked him for standing up against misinformation around Covid vaccinations, and stressed that “we all have a part to play in ending this infodemic and pandemic.”

Tedros tweeted: “@NeilYoungNYA. Thanks for standing up against misinformation and inaccuracies surrounding #COVID19 vaccination.”

“Public and private sectors, in particular #socialmedia platforms and media, and individuals — all have a part to play in ending this pandemic.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is the most listened to on Spotify. Spotify holds exclusive rights to this program.

Young thanked his record company for supporting me in my decision not to use Spotify and encouraged other musicians to do so, Breitbart News reported.

He stated that Spotify had become the “home of life-threatening COVID misinformation” on his website.

Spotify responded that it was trying to balance safety for listeners with freedom for creators and had removed more then 20,000 podcast episodes about COVID-19 in line with its “detailed contents policies”.

Spotify released a statement saying that they regret Neil’s decision to delete his music from Spotify and hope to have him back soon.

W.H.O. intervened. Tedros is not the only one who has rushed to embrace entertainment in the Neil Young dispute.

Tedros quickly responded on social media, citing Lady Gaga’s approval of his work.

The United States has halted funding W.H.O. Trump requested that the United States stop funding W.H.O.

The United States is the largest donor to U.N. subsidiaries, contributing more than $400million in 2019, or roughly 15% of their budget.

Since then, President Joe Biden authorized the return to the organization of U.S. taxpayer money.