VP Harris Keeps Getting Heckled By Angry Voters, Even Virginia Gov. Calls Her Out


Vice President Kamala Harris has been proving that she is not the right person for the job, as every appearance she makes is full of protesters and angry voters. Just last week, VP Harris was giving a speech in the Bronx about President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda when a man in the audience started shouting at her.

VP Harris was talking about “better health, better jobs and about families” when a man started yelling at her about needing better infrastructure. She tried to tell the man, “you are right, brother” before she realized what she walked into. The man then asked why they aren’t working with the Chinese on their Belt-and-Road initiative when Harris tried to repair the damage and change the conversation. She said that everyone should be heard and “get a chance to talk” while security dragged the man out.

VP Harris was heckled again by protesters this week while campaigning for Virginia gubernatorial candidate and former Governor Terry McAuliffe. She was in the middle of talking about why it “matters” who the next leader of Virginia is when half a dozen protesters among the crowd interrupted her and started yelling “Stop line 3,” a reference to the tar-sands pipeline from Canada to Wisconsin.

VP Harris even tried to talk over the protests and chants by saying loudly, “We will not be distracted. We will not be dissuaded. We will not be deterred. This election is too important.”

Critics pointed out that the hecklers seemed to be Democrats and not Republicans, which puts the left in a terrible position for the 2022 midterm elections. Some even say that Terry McAuliffe’s chances of winning are slim to none, which led VP Harris to endorse him even more. She went so far as to change the subject and push women’s rights, warning that they shouldn’t “Texas” Virginia.

VP Harris emphasized how Terry has the “life experience” and “professional experience” to fight with his heart and soul for the state. But McAuliffe hasn’t been rubbing people the right way, especially after his most recent walk-out from a television interview after telling a reporter that he should’ve “asked better questions.” He had been asked about vaccine mandates, Critical Race Theory, and crime.

“You want to know what matters? Let’s talk about the right that every woman in America has to make decisions about her own body, and not have other people tell her when she should make that decision, how she should make that decision, or if she should make that decision. Don’t Texas Virginia,” VP Harris said.

She emphasized how people shouldn’t take “anything for granted” and this election requires more than your vote – it requires your work. She warned people that they are in a “coexistence” between crisis and opportunity, adding that the balance of those depends on the role of leadership. “Does it weigh in favor or crisis, or does crisis turn into opportunity?” Harris asked.

Harris was even criticized by the first and only Black governor in the history of Virginia after creating a video for Black churches to help McAuliffe. Gov. Douglas Wilder pointed out how this was “very good for her to do that” in causing churches to lose their tax-exempt status over political campaign activity. He notes that if it is legal, then it is “surprising” to him.

“In Virginia, the Democratic candidate has to have a strong turnout of black Americans. And if [McAuliffe] doesn’t get that, you’re going to see some problems. What reasons do they have to turn out?” Gov. Wilder asked.

A lot of critics have noted that Black Virginia voters have “no reason” to vote for McAuliffe, considering that Democrats have done nothing for them in the state.

VP Harris’s ratings are almost as unfavorable as President Biden’s and it’s clear that she can’t even hold a rally without protesters.