VP Harris Gets More Hypocritical About Vaccine Mandates

Vice President Kamala Harris receives her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the National Institutes of Health, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021, in Bethesda, Md. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Vice President Kamala Harris has revealed just how hypocritical she is over the last few days regarding President Joe Biden’s announcement about mandating vaccines. VP Harris has tried to maintain her “my body, my choice” stance while opposing Texas’s new abortion law but has referred to the vaccine mandates as “protecting the vaccinated.” One of her most recent tweets is so confusing that it has left Americans with more questions than answers. This seems to be the case with most Biden administration officials these days.

VP Harris recently tweeted her response to the Biden administration’s announcement of new pandemic requirements, insisting that people needed to do their part to protect the vaccinated. This left many Twitter users questioning why anyone needed to protect the vaccinated if the vaccine and masks are effective against COVID-19.

“By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end this pandemic. That’s exactly what we are committed to doing,” Harris tweeted.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha pointed out how “protecting the vaccinated” is an odd argument to make since the “vaccinated are already, you know, vaccinated.” Another Fox News contributor, Kate Pavlich, points out how the Biden Administration is trying to take credit for something that the vaccine is already supposed to do.

Others have also insinuated that “protecting the vaccinated” could be referring to booster shots or any sort of public policies that lockout unvaccinated individuals from pre-pandemic lifestyles. Some states have already implemented these vaccine mandates at restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and entertainment venues.

This has been implemented with the most severe measure in Victoria, Australia, where Premier Daniel Andrews announced that the unvaccinated will be locked out of a whole range of venues because “they could be vaccinated and they have chosen not to.” It’s a never-ending cycle of COVID-19-related mandates with Democrats, even though there’s a lack the science to back the claims.

It wasn’t only Twitter users and Fox contributors who have spoken out against the Biden administration’s protocols. A former aide to VP Harris criticized the White House for trying to instill vaccine mandates for federal workers while having a weak contact tracing plan themselves.

Under the current COVID-19 protocols, White House staff members are only told about COVID-19 cases if the White House contact tracing team determines that they “might have been” exposed to the virus. The former aide shared that several White House staffers are uncomfortable that they are not being made aware of all infections in their workplace. Psaki has not given any specific numbers but says they have found “some” breakthrough COVID-19 cases among the vaccinated staff in the White House.

President Biden has even exempted all members of Congress, the federal court system, and their staffers from his COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The order currently applies to employees of the executive branch, but not o members of the legislative or judicial branches of government. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even argued that Congress couldn’t mandate the vaccine among members because it was a “matter of privacy.”

It’s clear that the rest of Congress is just as hypocritical to vaccine mandate as VP Harris is. They’ll force these orders on the American workers and tell them to get the jab or a new job while exempting themselves. They’ve even exempt USPS workers just to protect their mail-in ballots. If neither house is required to follow the mandate and the vaccine “works,” then what is the reason for it in the first place?