The Price American Citizens Will Pay For The Future Of ‘Democrat Voters’

Asylum seeking migrant families with children from Central America take refuge in a makeshift U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing center under the Anzalduas International Bridge after crossing the Rio Grande river into the United States from Mexico in Granjeno, Texas, U.S., March 6, 2021. Picture taken on March 6, 2021. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

It’s hard to tell whether Democrats are in complete denial over the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border or if they are just trying to ‘cover up their cover-up,’ but either way, it’s been a complete disaster for the Biden Administration. And the media knows it.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandros Mayorkas has been one of the individuals denying any sort of ‘crisis’ happening at the border and that it is “not a new phenomenon,” despite four people on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist being recently apprehended at the US-Mexico border. He told the Homeland Committee that these individuals have tried to cross the border by land and by air not only this year, but last year and the year prior as well.

“It is because of our multi-layered security apparatus — the architecture that we have built since the commencement of the Department of Homeland Security — that we are in fact able to identify and apprehend them and ensure that they do not remain in the United States. And so we actually deny them entry based on our intelligence and based on our vetting procedures, which have only grown in sophistication throughout the years,” Mayorkas said.

However, the surge of unaccompanied children in February has reached rates of about five times more than in January and numbers are projected to hit the highest level ever recorded by the DHS. President Biden has also denied any crisis of migrant children flooding the border, noting that Trump “took them from their mothers, moved them away, and held them in cells.” This, however, relates directly to what the Biden Administration is doing.

Due to the surge of children approaching the border, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has bypassed COVID-19 capacity rates at the facility by 300% while struggling to find room for them in shelters. The New York Times reported that children have been sleeping on gym mats with foil sheets, going days without showering, have not been allowed outdoors for days, and have been denied phone calls to family members. President Biden has emphasized that they also don’t “take children from their parents,” which is another false claim.

As noted by the DHS, migrant children often arrive with a grandparent, older sibling, or other relative and are separated until federal officials can confirm the accompanying adult is their relative, as required under U.S. law.

Due to Customs and Border Protection encountering more than 3,000 migrants per day and the over-flooded capacity rates in shelters, Republicans have introduced a bill to require every migrant crossing the border illegally and released into the country to be tested for COVID-19. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks introduced the bill after traveling to El Paso, Texas to meet with Customs Enforcement agents and seeing first-hand the crisis they are facing. She notes that 50% of agents have tested positive for COVID-19 while very few migrants are being tested.

“Border security and immigration is not an issue that only affects border states, it affects every community across the country. By ensuring that individuals entering the country are negative for COVID-19, we can help keep our communities safe and healthy,” Miller-Meeks writes.

However, Democrats voted against the bill. American citizens have been locked down for a year, destroying the public school system and small businesses nationwide while illegal immigrants are free to travel and spread COVID-19 as they go. At this point, the Democrat’s denial is nothing more than proving that they don’t care about the U.S and its citizens, only the illegal votes they can get to remain in power.