The Most Dangerous Part Of A “Woke” Education


Linguistics professor and author John McWhorter recently shared on a segment of “Fox News Primetime” his concerns regarding “the elect” and how they are not “woke,” they are mean. He says that they claim to believe they are taking the country in a new and beautiful direction when they are actually trying to ruin America.

“It’s mean woke people who decided in order to make the world properly woke, it makes sense to defend a straight people, destroy careers and reputations, with the idea of being we are on our way to a Brave New World, although I’m not sure the Brave New World they are imagining is one of most of us would think of as a good place,” McWhorter said.

McWhorter shared his concerns regarding ‘wokeness’ taking over education, including the elimination of accelerated math as an act of “racial equity.” The Virginia Department of Education recently eliminated all advanced math courses before 11th grade, citing “equity” as one of the reasons.

McWhorter said there is a “genuinely alarming” takeover happening based on the idea that Black and Latino kids should not be expected to get the answer correct. Since when is being self-disciplined, being on time, and getting the right answer an exclusively “White” characteristic to have. Expecting high standards has always encouraged people to achieve and excel. He calls progressives “racists in a new guise” who think of themselves as Jesus when pursuing social justice.

“But what they mean by social justice is a world, for example, where black people don’t have to do the math. That is not what most of us think of social justice as being, so the idea is not to get a little nervous and hide in the corner when they say you are against social justice. Say yes, I am in favor of social justice, but what you mean by it is something quite different,” McWhorter explains.

McWhorter said the word’s meaning tends to drift away from what the word formally means in the issues of race. “Their vision of how social history works is extremely simplistic. So we just have to call them on how very particular their uses of words that they tend to purvey as if everything were very obvious are,” he adds.

Others have pointed to the dangerous leftist moves of trying to dumb down students and eliminate advanced education opportunities. What does that say about our future? It’s pretty easy to guess who will dominate the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields of the future. By eliminating the means of competition with the rest of the world, the U.S would be reduced to the same level as a technically undeveloped third-world country.

It seems like the radical left intends non-white people to be functionally illiterate and dependent on government welfare handouts by claiming “racial equity” as an excuse to diminish education opportunities. How else would the “woke” extremists stay in power?