The Lawlessness Ignored By The Democrats


The radical leftists have been claiming to fight racism, which sounds noble enough, but that doesn’t convey their message. They don’t mean to eliminate fascism in the USA, they mean to eliminate the USA. And mind you, we’ve gotten to the point where political figures are praising their “bold and brave actions.” Even CNN’s own Chris Cuomo is comparing them to WWII military who stormed the beaches at Normandy. What is happening in the world?

When the left have been talking of getting rid of fascists, they frequently mean anyone who doesn’t align their political beliefs with them. They really are the fascists they speak of.

Even Portland organizer Lilith Sinclair said that they were organizing not just for the abolition of the militarized police state but also for the United States in general. Sinclair identifies as an Afro-Indigenous non-binary and has actively worked towards the “uprising” against America. These liberals are “so oppressed” they have the full protection of the police, politicians, and media to say whatever they want that they will never face any consequences for their terrorist actions. 

The movements have been solely anti-American and more BLM protests everyday are showing these true motives. That’s all this is about. The enthusiastic cheers and clapping behind these “leaders” are damaging their communities. The backdrop of Sinclair’s speech was some of the damage Antifa has inflicted, with graffiti including “Make pigs go insane” and “Fook 12.” 

“There only comes a certain level to which you can ask large and vast numbers of people to sacrifice their literal health, lives and sanity for the capitalist system that will not provide for them and will also exploit their labor for the protection of the continual padding of the pockets of the 1 percent,” Sinclair said in previously in June. 

This is not “peacefully advocating” for police reform or against police brutality. The protester’s have clarified their true intentions and have said it loud and clear. They are working towards the “abolition of the United States of America” as we know it. Mind you, these are the people the Democrats have decided to side with.

Sinclair has referred to the US as “stolen land” and wants to do a land acknowledgment in honor of that. Anyone who continues to refer to the US as “stolen land” should have their real estate confiscated and turned over to the tribes who previously claimed it, regardless of whether it was legally purchased or not. If they have continued to proclaim the destruction of the United States, then their actions of burning, looting, and violence against cops and citizens makes them enemy combatants and sedition charges should be drawn up to what they claim to be. It’s unbelievable that the left openly knows this agenda and still publicly supports it.

Nancy Pelosi has called the violence “First Amendment speech” and attacked the President while letting the insurrectionists call out their attacks against all government, including her. Promoting the same Marxist garbage violates federal law in anyone knowingly or willing advocating to overthrow the government. Pelosi, of all people, should know this.

It’s time the people who advocate violent overthrow of the nation are treated as the invaders and traitors they claim to be.