The Fake Coronavirus Study That Swept A Nation Into Hiding


Ever since the beginning of the Coronavirus panic, there has been debate as to whether or not children can catch or transmit coronavirus. While most agree that children have been largely asymptomatic, there has been a lot of talk on whether or not children can be the carriers of it. If children are not carriers, then closing schools and daycare centers is just completely absurd. Kids who can’t transmit it will stop being potential vectors and we can try to get our lives back to normal again, reopening schools and daycares safely. BUT if children can transmit the disease we’ve got more than one critical point to focus on. 

Switzerland, for example, reopened its schools under the “kids don’t transmit” position. Data seems to support this decision as it ranks below the US and UK in cases. On the other hand, a German virologist published a study in late April that claimed children were merely asymptomatic carriers. The study explained that children may be as infectious as adults.

Now that we’ve pretty much closed ranks on the idea that Coronavirus is some unique viral threat, we’ve also got studies that indicate coronavirus is really not a big deal. Kirsty Short, University of Queensland virologist, led several household studies including countries that had not closed down schools at the time. She found that children are rarely the first person to bring the infection into a home; they had the first identified case in only roughly 8% of households. Children aren’t often the main source of infection with SARS-CoV-2 as well. 

“The household studies are reassuring because even if there are a lot of infected children, they are not going home and infecting others.I don’t believe this virus is the exception.” Alasdair Munro stated, a paediatric infectious-diseases researcher at University Hospital Southampton, UK.  

Many have thrown fire at the studies reporting children spreading coronavirus. They are as fake as the notion that a cloth face mask does anything useful. The results of these fake studies are driven by decisions made by the researchers. There has been no evidence that schools should remain closed. 

The worst part of the fake news spreading is that the Drosten Study that affected the closure of schools was a preprint, meaning it had not undergone peer review. Policymakers made sure to grab hold of this study to justify shutting down schools when the study wasn’t even subject to any form of scientific scrutiny. March 6 Drosten said there’s no reason to cancel school, then boom, March 13 his opinion changed just like that. 

When the story of Coronavirus is written in history books, it will be known for the malice aided by left-wing journalists and politicians who saw the pandemic as a way of changing society to something more dystopian. It will also be known for the politicians who were too afraid to be blamed for anything that willingly went with the lockdowns and the “professionals” who used their studies to rupture the economy and crumble millions of American lives as a whole. 

So there we go, another fake study from the Left. Shocker.