The Dumbest Thing Joe Biden Just Said About Police Reform


We shouldn’t be surprised by what Joe Biden says these days, but some of the positions he’s taken just don’t make any sense. It’s clearly a push from the radical left and he’s just mindlessly repeating the lines being fed to him. Anything for a couple more votes, right?

Just a few days ago, Biden did an MSNBC Town Hall to answer “random” questions from undecided voters. It was a small audience of Florida voters, including two Cuban American voters. Of the 16 questions asked of the Democratic nominee, 13 came from those who identified as Democrats and just 3 from Republicans. 

Critics described the event as a Biden infomercial and that these so-called “undecided voters” are actually supporters of the Democratic nominee who wanted to throw some softball questions. The town hall was also criticized for the lack of challenging questions. At this point, I can’t think of anything the Democrats and their media partners do that doesn’t turn out to be a brazen lie. News sources also uncovered pro-Biden and anti-Trump social media posts from tow of the so-called “undecided voters.”

The most confusing thing Joe Biden said during the town hall meeting was about police reform. He started off talking about bringing together peaceful protesters, civil rights groups, and police unions to talk about current issues and decide what needs to be done. The next thing he said is what raised a few eyebrows. He said if a police officer “goes on a 911 call, it’s better if he or she has with them a psychologist or psychiatrist.” Well, there’s bad ideas…and then there’s Biden ideas.

I’d like to know exactly what the left thinks psychologists and psychiatrists do. Do they think a nice sit-down with a guy committing a crime is going to do anything? That they’ll talk it through? Psychologists can’t take the lead and control the scene, especially when dealing with an armed suspect. How is any of that safe? Inserting bystanders into the situation creates tension and puts psychologists in danger more than anyone else. 

There’s not many psychologists that would go work for a local police department making half of the amount of money they would within their own practice…especially after going to school for nearly a decade. 

This will just lead to more ill-equipped people who are making things worse in the long run. But hey, anything for the radical left, right?