The Breakdown Of An Incredibly Illegal Situation


California Governor Gavin Newsom is being sued. He was planning to grant $75 million in taxpayer funds to illegal immigrants living in the state. Most were not necessarily enthused with this idea. 

On Tuesday May 5th, a conservative legal firm Judicial Watch announced a temporary restraining order against a doling of the dough. The Judicial Watch President explained in a lengthy statement that what Governor Newsom wants to do violates the law. Rushing plainly illegal direct cash payments and using taxpayer dollars to illegal aliens is something the government has no legal authority on. Coronavirus does not give politicians a pass on any of this. 

Newsom revealed he’d be directing $125 million towards those in the country illegally via a disaster relief assistance initiative. The program combines $75 million courtesy of the taxpaying public with $50 million proffered by philanthropy. That money aims to help residents who didn’t qualify for the recent federal stimulus. Foreign natives would receive up to $500 individually, with households topping out at $1,000. 

Gavin Newsom’s team expects to fork over funds to around 150,000 illegal immigrant adults. Later on, he quantified the portion of California’s illegal workforce: 10% – far more than the 150,000, meaning that many illegal-status individuals would still get nothing. 

This decision for revolutionary relief came solely from Gavin which did not sit well with Judicial Watch. They explained that federal immigration law generally forbids illegal aliens from being eligible for state or local public benefits. Only through laws enacted by a state legislature can a state government provide such benefits to undocumented aliens. This proposal from Gavin didn’t even give the legislature a say in any of this. 

On top of all of this, Newsom is already being sued by citizens disallowed from protesting the lockdown. He closed off the Capitol and stopped all protest permits from reaching citizens’ hands. 

While that $150 million is being locked and loaded by Newsom, many Los Angeles businesses are paying legal fees, some well over $20,000, just to stay open. 

While that isn’t already enough, Newsom has also allowed a release of 1,000 inmates from several county jails allowing an end to their parole early, due to the jail’s inability to social distance and stop COVID-19 spread. Orange County jail released 7 high-risk sex offenders in early May. 

But hey, Newsom is doing an excellent job according to the left-wing news networks. As long as you follow his “one swimmer per pool” COVID-19 order you know you’re in California with a giant goober for a Governor.