The Biden Admin Wants To Pay Migrants $450K For Psychological Trauma


President Biden is considering paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to migrants separated at the border during the Trump administration. The departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Justice have proposed paying out $450,000, or nearly $1 million per two-person family, to settle claims about the “traumatic and psychological effects” of former President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.

According to the reports, approximately 5,500 children were separated at the border and sent to facilities while parents were referred to prosecution for illegally crossing the border. Families could not be detained through those proceedings, which prompted the separations.

The amount paid out would depend on the circumstances of each separation, with more than 940 claims and multiple lawsuits filed. One attorney involved talked about migrant families receiving more money than the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Former DHS Secretary Chad Wolf criticized the plan and said that there are “no limits” to what the Biden Administration will do. He claims that everything they have touched, such as border security and immigration, has been wrong for America and that this may be at the top of the list.

Rep. Jeff Duncan claimed that the act of stealing that taxpayer money from Americans and then giving it to illegal immigrants would set off a “powder keg.”

An estimated 5,400 families had been separated at the border, with more than 600 children yet to reunite. The Biden administration created a task force to help reunite them and aimed to signal that it was “doing away” with Trump’s tone toward immigrants. But it’s clear that Border Patrol has not done so for the hundreds of thousands of families who have illegally crossed the border this past year.

Sen. Chuck Grassley tweeted that it is illegal for the Biden admin to consider these payments for people who crossed the border illegally, adding that it is taxpayers’ dollars. He said they should not be paying anything to people who break our laws. Dr. Darrell Scott ironically advised folks to go down to the border, sneak out the country, then sneak back in and get that 450k. He said that the process might only take “a couple two-three days at the most.” Dr. Roger Marshall made a clear comparison between the Biden Admin to American citizens and the Biden Admin to Illegals.

“Biden Admin to American Citizens: We want to monitor your every transaction to see where we can tax you more. Biden Admin to Illegals: Here’s $450k for breaking our laws and entering the U.S. illegally,” Marshall tweeted.

As President Biden and the rest of his administration force the country into federal vaccine mandates, carrying around passports and medical papers just to eat, and no say in their education, they continue rewarding and compensating those who break the law.