Sullivan’s Role In Pushing Russia Collusion Hoax Questioned After Durham Filing


After a recent filing by the special counsel, it is now clear that Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser, was involved in pushing claims of Trump campaign collusion and Russia.

Sullivan was working for Clinton at the time and pushed a Slate report that “showed that Trump Organization had a secret server registered with Trump Tower that has been secretly communicating with Russia” on October 31, 2016.

According to Slate, cyber experts discovered a secret server that linked the Trump Organization and the Russian-based Alfa Bank.

Sullivan wrote that this could be the directest link between Donald Trump’s and Moscow. Computer scientists discovered a secret server that links the Trump Organization with a Russian bank, according to reports.

Without any disclaimer, he wrote: “This secret hotline could be the key to unlocking Trump’s mystery ties to Russia. The Trump Organization may have felt that there was something to hide. Journalists discovered the link and it appears they took steps to conceal it.

This communication line may explain Trump’s strange adoration for Vladimir Putin and his endorsement of so many proKremlin positions during this campaign. This raises troubling questions considering Russia’s hacking activities that clearly target Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It is likely that federal authorities will investigate this direct link between Trump and Russia as part their ongoing investigation into Russia’s meddling during our elections.

Clinton herself tweeted this statement along with another that affirmed the claims as fact.

Sullivan’s role is being questioned again after a filing by John Durham, Special Counsel to Clinton’s Campaign, revealed that a lawyer with the firm representing Clinton had allegedly worked with a tech executive in order to gather evidence for these claims.

Durham claims that Michael Sussmann (a former Perkins Coie lawyer) worked with Rodney Joffe, a tech executive, to collect data about the Trump campaign, and the White House for use in those claims.

Donald Trump Jr. quoted Sullivan’s statement and asked journalists to ask Sullivan about his role in making these claims.

“Biden’s current national security advisor was inextricably involved in the activities for whom Durham is now bringing charges.” He tweeted that any journalist who is serious about journalism should ask @PressSec and @WhiteHouse to answer questions about these.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R.OH) tweeted: “Jake Sullivan pushed Russia hoax. He knew it was a liar. He is now employed in the Biden White House.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R.TN) demanded that Sullivan resign or be fired if Durham is true to his allegations.

She also questioned why Sullivan had not commented on his role.

Jim Banks, Republican Study Committee Chairman (R-IN), stated that Sullivan should be removed if Durham’s accusations are true.

“No one who has spied upon the White House is qualified to serve in the White House.” Jake Sullivan is already a well-known partisan. If he participated in Clinton’s illegal spying on Donald Trump, he should be removed from office and held accountable,” Banks stated to

Joel Pollak, a reporter for Breitbart News, previously reported on Sullivan’s role in the Russia collusion hoax. In 2017, Sullivan under oath testified before Congress that he had briefed reporters on his suspicions about “collusion” between Russia’s Trump campaign and Russia. He also stated that he believed that Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser, had conspired to help Russia — claims that led to Flynn being fired earlier. Ironically, Flynn’s job is now held by Sullivan.

In September’s Durham indictment against Sussmann, Marc Elias, then-Perkins Coie attorney, alleged that Sullivan had discussed the Alfa Bank allegations with Marc Elias. Sullivan refuted this claim during testimony. Jonathan Turley, a legal scholar, wrote that it raises the possibility of perjury.

“Sullivan reportedly presented his series of denials in December 2017 to Congress. The statute of limitations for lying in Congress is five years. This means that Sullivan would still be within Durham’s reach if the special counsel doesn’t buy Sullivan’s denials. Turley wrote that Sullivan could be found unindicted, but fully exposed in a report likely to prove blistering.”