Sound The Alarms And Take Off The Face Mask


One of the mainstays of President Trump in office has been his high energy rallies and ways with connecting to the people. While Blue State Mayors have just sat around and complained about the costs, these rallies have been a major plus for Trump. It got him out of Washington during the Russia hoax and let him lead discussions on issues the left-winged media was leaking false information about. It was a reminder of why Trump ran for office and what he needed to be doing. 

Reacting to coronavirus in March, President Trump had cancelled all of his upcoming rallies. I have a feeling the left has been extending the lockdown period as long as they can to keep Trump from holding mega rallies while Biden slurps pudding in his basement. But luckily President Trump has announced he’s returning to the campaign trail.

President Trump will begin his campaign trail June 19 with a rally in Tulsa, Okla., for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak. Oklahoma is a deep red state that Trump won four years ago by 36 percentage points. The state began lifting restrictions on businesses April 24 and moved into Phase 3 of its reopening on June 1, allowing summer camps to open and workplaces to return with full staffing levels. 

Returning to the rallies has angered a lot of people who are still howling about coronavirus. No face masks, no social distancing, it’ll almost be like a normal rally. Oh, what a nightmare. It’s starting to dawn on people that the entire pandemic was overblown and became a tool of power to those on the left that can’t exercise that power properly. Interesting how he’s receiving backlash on getting back into rallies when George Floyd protests themselves were not following social distancing guidelines by any means. But those gatherings were for a “noble cause” so that was enough to brush the pandemic to the side, and just like that, corona wasn’t as big and scary as the media framed it to be since a more interesting story took its place. 

The fact that the rally is held on “Juneteenth” also upsets many as that holiday marks Freedom Day when on June 19, 1865, the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States was read to enslaved African Americans in Texas. Mind you, this is the holiday that Biden described as “the first major massacre of the Black Wall Street.” Juneteenth is about emancipation, the massacre he is talking about as in Oklahoma. And this all jumps back to Biden talking about a trip President Trump was taking to Texas, not Oklahoma. Yikes. Talk about full-blown dementia.

I don’t see how it would be disrespectful for President Trump to hold a rally on the day celebrating the freeing of blacks by a Republican. President Trump is one of the few who signed a prison reform bill that freed blacks. Now if he were a Democratic Senator who signed a bill putting thousands of blacks behind bars like Biden himself, I can see how that deems inappropriate. 

It’s time for the President to get his campaign fired back up and roll through the swing states this summer. He’ll pull large crowds anywhere he goes. Sleepy Joe will just be throwing lousy swings from the basement.