Some Republicans Push To Use Government Funding Battle To Block Spending On Vaccine Mandate


Some House Republicans may be trying to link efforts to block President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates to federal funding. Fox News reported that Rep. Chip Roy (Republican from Texas) asked the House and Senate Republicans for co-signing a letter in which they pledged to stop government funding until the funding of vaccine mandates is defunded.

Although the letter received support from 12 conservative House Republicans, House Democrats could end up sabotaging it unless Roy is able to win enough support from Senate Republicans.

After promising not for weeks, Senator Mitch McConnell (R.KY) and other Senate Republicans voted in December to fund the government using vaccine mandate money.

Only a handful of Senate Republicans supported closing down the government until vaccine mandates were funded. Mike Lee (Republican-UT), Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson (Republican-TX), Roger Marshall (Republican-KS).

Roy seemed to recognize that his initiative was not possible without McConnell’s support.

Roy asked Fox News in an interview, “Will at most 10 of the 19 GOP Senators who voted last time to punt now stand up for healthcare workers or not?” “We’re going find out.”

He said, “Congressional Republicans cannot continue abdicating their Article I duties in the hopes that the judicial branch would rule in favor the American people.”

Fox News reports that a portion of the letter says:

We the undersigned, therefore, refuse to support any federal funding vehicle that funds COVID-19 vaccine mandates at any government level, whether it is a continuing resolution, or an omnibus, appropriations measure.

In January, the courts overturned President Biden’s mandate for vaccines to federal employees and large private companies.

Since those rulings, the support of Congress for defunding vaccine mandates could have grown.