Senate Slated to Vote on Defund the Police


This week, the Senate will vote on nominee Alvaro Bedoya for Federal Trade Commission (FTC). He has called Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), a “swamp dweller” and demanded an advertiser boycott.

Bedoya is likely to vote this week for Bedoya’s appointment as a Commissioner at the FTC.

Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.NY) stated on Sunday that the FTC would soon have a Democrat majority. This will give it the ability to investigate alleged price gouging by Big Oil.

He stated, “And that–the new Democratic majority on the FTC wird allow it to investigate price gouging of Big Oil amid their stock purchasebacks and surging profit.”

Many of the views held by the FTC nominee are still controversial.

Breitbart News was told by a senior GOP aide that Bedoya’s confirmation would allow the Joe Biden administration to pursue its radical agenda.

Alvaro Bedoya, a radical anti-law enforcement activist, supports defunding police to fight racism/climate change and has advocated taking away border patrol tools to keep Americans safe,” the senior Republican adviser said. “Bedoya supports raising taxes on hardworking families in order to fund a left-wing climate agenda. He is a pawn of the Biden administration as well as the Squad.

From December 2016 through December 2020, Bedoya was a member of the Free Press organization’s board of directors. This far-left organization has the support of Pierre Omidyar, a pro-censorship billionaire.

Free Press in 2017 called Blackburn a “swamp dweller,” and added that the Tennessee conservative spoke the “most ignorant talking points.”

Free Press also accused Breitbart News, among others, of spreading misinformation and portraying “people of color”, immigrants and religious minorities as the “energy” of the United States.

Bedoya tweeted, “It’s time to label ICE what it really is: an out of control domestic surveillance agency that peer into our lives.”

Bedoya stated in a confirmation hearing that he did not know much about critical race theory (CRT) despite being on the board for an organization that promotes it.

Bedoya stated to Sen. Mike Lee (R–UT) that the FTC should “police large tech,” and that it requires “every tool at their disposal.”

Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, has called Bedoya a “left-wing activist”, and a provocateur.

Cruz pointed out that Joy Reid, MSNBC’s Joy Bedoya, retweeted Cruz’s tweet after calling former President Donald Trump “white supremacist”.

In March, a coalition of conservative organizations wrote to Senator Commerce Committee members urging them not to confirm Bedoya.

An ideological, progressive ally would allow Chair Lina Khan to transform the FTC, eliminating its rules, hamstringing companies with red tape and dismantling our market-driven economic system. Khan has been criticized for her anti-business, hyper-regulatory agenda and disregarding the FTC’s rules and precedents.

Bedoya is known for personally attacking and supporting attacks against those who disagree with him. He has used Twitter to call Governors Abbott, DeSantis “death-eaters”,6 and urged Republican Senators not to resign.7 Also, Bedoya shared many social media posts calling President Trump “racist” and “white”.
“Supremacist” He liked a tweet mocking Baron Trump. This aggressive behavior and rhetoric is not compatible with the temperament needed to be a commissioner for the FTC.

The conservative organizations are the Americans for Tax Reform and American Commitment, American Consumer Institute, Open Competition center and Committee for Justice.

The conservative groups stated in a letter that Bedoya’s confirmation “would jeopardize innovation and investment, threaten the already weakening economic system, and bring never seen partisanship at the FTC.” We urge Senators not to confirm Bedoya for these and other reasons.