Sen. Rubio Warns Us Of Biden’s Executive Orders


Republican Sen. Marco Rubio just warned that while President Biden is talking like a centrist, he is governing like someone from the far left. He referenced the two dozen executive actions and orders President Biden has signed so far in office and claimed it has only fulfilled the wishlist of the radical left.

President Biden has signed 17 executive actions during his first day in office, including a reversal of President Trump’s travel ban, stopping the border wall construction, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, restoring the DACA program, and reversing a ton of former President Trump’s policies that they believe were “harmful” or “inhumane.”

In a video Sen. Rubio posted on Twitter, he heavily criticizes the policies signed into action and warns that these moves by Biden could be detrimental to American workers and jobs. Sen. Rubio specifically mentioned his move to revoke the presidential permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would sustain about 11,000 U.S jobs in 2021 and generate $1.6 billion in gross wages.

“Some of them are incredibly dramatic and far-reaching in real life. At the stroke of a pen, he literally put thousands upon thousands of hardworking, blue-collar union members out of work. These are people that were working on Monday—that were working on Tuesday—and then the president goes into the Oval Office and signs an executive order wiping out the Keystone Pipeline and they’re out of work,” Sen. Rubio said.

In the video, Sen. Rubio also pointed out the Administration’s 100-day moratorium on deportations. The U.S Department of Homeland Security had released a statement saying they would pause removals for certain non-citizens to ensure a fair and effective immigration enforcement system. Sen. Rubio pointed out that incredibly dangerous criminals are going to get to stay in the country as a result of this and that sitting around in a honeymoon period isn’t going to happen.

Sen. Rubio also pointed out that President Biden had called for unity several times in his speech. He said this results in pursuing vengeance and having a fractured nation of people who hate each other. “It’s the arrogance of believing only those who agree with us are good and anyone who disagrees is not just wrong — but actually are evil,” Sen. Rubio said.

Demanding that the other side agrees with your demands isn’t “unity,” it’s just believing that you are right no matter what. It’s what the Democrat Party does best.