Rioters Try To Break Into The Portland Police Association Building


Rioters recently gathered in broad daylight near North Lombard Street and North Campbell Avenue in an attempt to break down the door of the Portland Police Association. A total of fifteen cops, three sergeants, and one lieutenant, were pulled from patrol duties and called to the scene.

Portland Police wrote on Twitter that they were monitoring the situation and warned rioters to remain on the sidewalk and follow the law or face possible arrest. “To those participating in the protest, this direction is being given over loudspeaker: stay on the sidewalk, do not try to break into the building or violate any other laws. If you do you’re subject to arrest and/or use of force including less-lethal weapons,” they tweeted.

Portland Police wrote at about 7:20 p.m. that the group dispersed after two hours and left the neighborhood. They said there was some vandalism to the building, but no force was used and no one was injured.

Reporter Andy Ngo posted a photograph of a large Black Lives Matter banner being held in front of the building. Members were playing loud music from a speaker to disrupt meetings going on inside the building, as well as try to bar the door from the outside.

Ngo has been documenting months of unrest, including recent acts to march around for an anti-ICE event. They shut down the roads of Portland and wore approved “press” markings on their arms while causing damage to federal buildings. He also documented rioters last July attacking the association, breaking the windows, vandalizing the building, and starting a small fire inside.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has been harassed by rioters in the city, even after opposing the Trump administration’s decision to send federal officers into the city to help him. Radical left protests have cost the city nearly $2.3 million in damage since they broke out over the summer.

Critics lashed out at authorities and said they need to take more aggressive and drastic actions to squash the nonsense that’s been plaguing their communities for almost a year now. According to the radical left, arresting an Antifa member might hurt their feelings. They get high-fives, social media praise, and money to be bailed out of jail, proudly endorsed by vice president Kamala Harris.

The radical left has gotten to a point where they are allowing an extreme and violent minority to control their party’s narrative. They’ve broadcasted an impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump and used the extreme behavior of a few Capitol rioters to assign blame on an entire party. Meanwhile, they’ve been inciting violence themselves since last summer.