Portland Mayor Caught Ditching His Own Mask Mandates


Last year, we witnessed Democratic leaders enforcing all sorts of tyrannical mask mandates while refusing to follow the orders themselves. Now that the left has started citing the “Delta variant” to spread fear, they’ve also attempted to push more lockdowns and masks because of it.

Just a few weeks ago, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was insisting on indoor mask-wearing, asking the residents of Oregon to make a “commitment to protect those around us by wearing a mask at all times while indoors.” It was a part of a tweet from Gov. Kate Brown, who was insisting that everyone wear a mask. The New York Times has targeted Oregon, a Democrat-controlled state, with facing its “worst virus surge” yet.

While Wheeler insisted on everyone else “doing their part,” it seems that he doesn’t even want to do his own. Wheeler was seen photographed inside a hotel without wearing face masks. While his office insisted that the people were “actively eating and drinking,” the picture makes Wheeler’s case look worse. There are only bottles of water in the picture and Wheeler doesn’t even have a single drink near him.

Wheeler and Brown have insisted on both vaccinated and unvaccinated people wearing masks when gathering closely in public areas, even when they are outdoors. They have insisted on residents following restrictions while refusing to follow them themselves.

Brown said they have 1,000 COVID-19 patients in their hospitals today and that they are “continuing to take actions to protect Oregonians” and save lives. She announced that as of Friday, August 27, masks will be required in public outdoor settings where physical distancing is not possible. She said this was regardless of vaccination status. This has been a trend among the Democrats for over a year now.

Twitchy editor Greg Pollowitz reposted the image of Wheeler hanging out at the hotel maskless and added the caption, “every kid wearing a mask in school would like a word with Mayor Wheeler.” One Twitter user pointed out how politicians keep a water bottle next to them so when they are asked about masks, they can say they are “actively” drinking water. That’s always the go-to line.

Washington D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser also recently came under fire for being maskless at an indoor wedding on the exact day that new mask restrictions went into place. She also said she was “actively drinking and eating” at the time, even though no pictures show her near any food or beverages.

Everyone at this point should see that the mask mandates are another political game. People are being played as politicians continue to bend their own rules. But don’t worry, the Delta Variant will wait until you’re “finished eating your dessert.” Rules for thee but not for me.