Piers Morgan Makes Global Deal With Fox News, New York Post, & HarperCollins


Piers Morgan has made headlines saying what he thinks and not what he is supposed to think. Even if people don’t agree with him on certain issues, he’s always held himself to the truth and doesn’t cave to group thinking. He recently announced a global deal with News Corp and Fox News Media to work across a variety of platforms, including Fox Nation and the New York Post.

The woke executives of the Good Morning Britain Show ran host Piers Morgan off when he made controversial comments about British Royal Family member Meghan Markle. He has been criticizing the White House lately for their “deadly Afghanistan fiasco” and going after President Joe Biden for his “rambling, stumbling, dreadful” decisions on foreign policy. Now, the Good Morning Britain show is only getting a quarter of the viewers it had when Piers was the host.

Morgan will write a biweekly column that will be featured in the New York Post and The Sun, along with hosting a television show on Fox News. The show will air on Fox Nation in the U.S, Sky News for Australian audiences, and talkTV in the UK.

News Corp chief executive Rupert Murdoch described Piers as the type of broadcaster “every channel wants” but is too afraid to hire. They’ve described him as an “exceptional talent” who makes an impact and explores all opportunities on the platform. He tackles the subjects everyone is talking about and presents an opposing set of views, instead of just cookie-cutter headlines.

“Piers is a brilliant presenter, a talented journalist, and says what people are thinking and feeling. He has many passionate fans around the world and we look forward to expanding his audience in the UK, at FOX Nation, Sky News Australia, The Sun, and the New York Post,” Murdoch said.

Morgan said that he is also “thrilled” to return to the media platforms, especially News Corp where he got started in media 30 years ago. He called Rupert Murdoch a “constant and fearless champion of free speech,” adding that they will be building something new and very exciting together.

The news host said he wants his global show to be a “fearless forum for lively debate” and a place where everyone can celebrate the right of having an opinion examined and challenged. He said he was also delighted to start taking on the work as a columnist for the Sun and New York Post, which he described as two “brilliantly successful and popular newspaper brands.” He will also pen a follow-up to his bestselling book, “Wake Up,” for HarperCollins publishing company and present a series of true crime documentaries.

This is another big move in the world of conservative media, where Fox News host Tucker Carlson has called out the liberal media for preying on the “weakest people in our society” to get the job done. He cited some of the main CNN personalities for lying time and time again, defending the billionaire class, and blaming everything under the sun on the working-class white people.

CEO of HarperCollins U.K shared his own enthusiasm over Morgan’s book deal, adding that there is “simply no one better” than Piers Morgan at getting people talking and thinking about the key issues affecting society today. He said he is excited to work with Piers on his “eagerly awaited” follow-up book.

This is a good move for not only Fox News, but for conservative media and protecting the First Amendment. Some may even say he’s more American than some who call themselves Americans.