PETA VP Blasts Crazy NIH Monkey Experiments, Demands Fauci Be Fired


Vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), has recently demanded the dismissal of Dr. Anthony Fauci. He is the White House Chief Medical Advisor and Director of the NIAID.

Guillermo has been a member of the animal rights group since 1983. She spoke out about the opposition to “failed experimentation” and brought up the fact that almost half of the annual budget of the NIH is spent on failed experiments. Her group also suggested other methods of research.

Guillermo stated that PETA’s opposition to animal experimentation was always due to “ethical grounds”, but that it has now also had the “scientific basis” for its position.

She said that many papers have shown that animal experimentation doesn’t lead to human treatment. This is confirmed by both the National Institutes of Health and the people who work with animal care.

She explained how scientists created the “research modernization arrangement” and that it lists the reasons why animal experiments should be stopped. It relies on statistics from published studies to provide a strategy for how we can eliminate animal experimentation.

She said that the strategy was simple: “If it doesn’t work stop doing it.” “We should also evaluate research areas that aren’t clear. It is important to be fair with others and evaluate them. Stop funding the unproductive and instead invest in the good. The NIH appears to lack common sense.

Guillermo asserts that the European Parliament reviewed PETA’s “straightforward strategy” and directed the Commission to create a plan and timeline for ending animal research. She warned that the U.S. would “fall behind our European allies span.

She cited these figures and called out the “illogical pursuits of failed methods”.

She claimed that these experiments cost about $20 billion. It’s absurd, and “about half the NIH budget.” ”

She stated, “If something fails over 90% or in certain areas of disease research, it’s 100% failure. This includes drugs that were developed using animals to treat Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, strokes, and sepsis. ”

She pointed out that the transgender monkey experiments were some of the most extreme NIH research “funded by Anthony Fauci’s institute at NIH” during this current pandemic.

She explained that Scripps Research in Florida had the idea of studying HIV transmission among transgender women. Instead of working with them, which would have been humane, noninvasive, and yield meaningful results and be humane, he decided to take male monkeys, inject their hormones, and make them models to transgender women.

She called it “absurd on so many levels” but stressed its ineffectiveness.

She stated that Dr. Fauci had been presented with overwhelming evidence by her group.

She said that she visited Dr. Fauci just a month ago to show evidence that the 36 years of HIV research that was done on monkeys by his institution have not produced a vaccine.

She called the NIH “losing their way”, and gave several reasons for why she believes that the failed experiments will continue.

She also mentioned that bureaucratic processes, budget-keeping efforts, and bureaucratic procedures are other reasons.

She stated, “The other issue is that there’s a certain bureaucratic rigidity in many of the committees reviewing proposals to research projects.” They spend their whole lives doing it without ever considering its utility. They approve of other people who are interested in doing the same thing.

Guillermo outlined the different methods Guillermo used for research.

She stated that there are many of these and that some are being used in the pharmaceutical industry. She stated that the 95% failure rate of new drugs in animals does not translate into people. These systems are highly sophisticated and can be accessed via supercomputers or artificial intelligence. They also use the ethical and wise use clinical and epidemiological research with people.

She stated that humans will ultimately be tested in the end.

She called the fight to humanely treat animals in research “a bipartisan matter at the Hill which is encouraging” and credited Republicans for leading these issues.

Guillermo admitted that Dr. Fauci hadn’t responded to her questions despite having “wide bipartisan support” on the Hill. She said that she was not sure if Fauci had replied to Rep. Nancy Mace (R.SC) who asked Fauci about “cruel taxpayer-funded experiments on puppies” and PETA is currently working alongside.

Guillermo was very clear about her opinions on Dr. Fauci’s position at NIH.

Fauci and all the other directors at NIH need to be fired, she stated. ”

Guillermo pointed out that failure rates in some other areas can reach as high as 90% to 100 percent. Guillermo called for a new chief at the NIH in order to improve its processes.

She said, “That’s the thing we encourage.” “We need to appoint someone to run the NIH. This is up to President Biden. He must appoint someone worthy of the job, someone capable of shaking up NIH, turning it upside down, and getting rid of all the deadwood. ”

Guillermo did not indicate any particular person to replace Dr. Fauci.

She demanded a director who is able to lead in the most authentic sense of the word and will not be dominated by the NIH. She spoke of the need to accept the strategy that we have presented in our research modernization deal, which is very straightforward. ”

Daphna Nachminovitch (peta’s senior vice-president for cruelty investigations), accused the NIH of being involved last month in a $1.2million contract to purchase beagles for “cruel experiments.”

White Coat Waste Project is a non-profit that accused Dr. Fauci partly financing experiments in Tunisia, North Africa, which kept beagles inside cages and fed hungry insects.

The non-profit also claims that it obtained documents through a FOIA request proving Kansas State University received $536,311 from the NIH. This money was used for an experiment where hundreds of ticks ate live dogs injected with mutant bacteria.