People Are Looking For A Way Out Of Woke Companies


A new ETC, the American Conservatives Value ETF, is looking to cater to conservative investors and avoid investing in ‘woke’ companies. Woke companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike, have made a bad name for themselves after throwing employees into race-based employee training and pushing every radically left idea they can. It’s clear that the money can only follow the woke companies for so long before they move on to something more sustainable.

Investment experts Bill Flaig and Tom Carter started the American Conservative Values ETF to cater to conservative investors. While a large portion of environmental, social, and corporate governance funds have been focused on clean energy, fossil fuels have been left for dead. Some of these funds have even been used to actively campaign against fossil fuels. Flaig and Carter decided to start with the S&P 500 to help boycott companies that work against “basic conservative rights” and freedom of speech.

Verizon has been recently working against basic conservative rights and freedom of speech with its “Race & Social Justice” initiatives, as well as other leftist propaganda. They have been actively pushing Critical Race Theory, which is based on the foundation that America is a fundamentally racist nation filled with “systemic racism” and “white fragility.”

Verizon used several training modules with its employees such as the “Conscious Inclusion & Anti-Racism’ program. This program, in particular, forces workers to examine their own “privilege” and then use the components of CRT to determine whether they are an “oppressor” or “oppressed.” It’s all based on the color of your skin.

These training also use terms such as “micro-aggressions,” “micro-inequalities,” “ableism,” and so forth. It teaches members of a “privileged class” that they must engage in the lifelong process of demonstrating accountability with “marginalized individuals.” Walt Disney Company uses the same Critical Race Theory training with its employees.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg announced that the company would commit $10 million to aid these organizations dedicated to equality and social justice.

Most employees have fought against CRT as well as their activities. Some employees have accused the training of being “downright offensive” for assuming a person is a victim because of the color of their skin or an oppressor for the same reason.

Carter and Flaig pointed out how media companies are often strung to businesses people don’t agree or align with. Disney owns ABC, AT&T owns CNN, Comcast owns NBC, and so on. Carter said people end up giving assets to companies they don’t share the same values with and that they’d like to provide people with more options, especially when it comes to woke companies that push their own liberal ideology.

“There are all of these media companies that conservatives don’t agree with and don’t align with conservative values, yet when you’re investing in a large-cap index fund, you are buying those companies. And you may not know it, or you may know it and not want to,” Carter said.

Between the worker and the consumer, people are getting sick and tired of woke companies and the messages they want to push. It does nothing but creates a work environment where everyone walks on eggshells and people are divided even more. Not to mention, the vaccine mandates some companies are trying to push. That’s a whole other battle.