Parler Is Just Getting Started In The War Against Big Tech


Parler, a conservative-friendly platform, is back online with Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler as interim CEO. Meckler is not expected to stay on as CEO but will hold the role until the company finds a permanent replacement. The social media platform was taken offline by Amazon Web Services and removed from the app stores on Google and Apple.

Democrats and Big Tech conspired that the site was a planning hub for Capitol insurrectionists and said it “poses a very real risk to public safety.” They made allegations against Parler for refusing to moderate hate speech and violent or illegal activity. Parler argued that they were there to protect free speech and value privacy.

In a George Washington University report on mentions of Capitol violence, Facebook was the highest social network with 73 references, followed by Youtube with 24, and Parler only eight times.

“They found the vast majority is violent, and inciteful stuff, that took place on Facebook. YouTube and Instagram were a close second and third. We barely made the list. So there’s always going to be bad content on every platform of that size. But the bottom line is, this was just a hit job. It was a political hit job. I would add, it was a business-hit job. They see Parler as a real threat to their monopoly on the business market and on free speech. And they’ll come after us,” Meckler said.

Parler announced its relaunch on February 15th with independent technology and welcomed both President Biden and former President Trump on the platform. Fox News host Neil Cavuto asked Meckler if Parler would welcome the former president on the app. Following the Jan 6. Capitol riots, Trump was permanently banned from Twitter.

“What Parler’s really about is being a public square, and a public square is where anybody can come, they can say what they want as long as it’s legal, and Donald Trump hasn’t said anything illegal, as far as I’m aware. He certainly didn’t on Twitter, didn’t on Facebook [or] any of the other places that he was banned,” Meckler responded.

The interim CEO was also interviewed on the “Glenn Beck Radio Program” and said they would file an amended complaint to its lawsuit against Amazon Web Services. He told Beck they had a lawsuit against AWS, but would also work on a complaint regarding liability and anti-trust issues. He said he’d be willing to share more details on the complaint in a week or two when it’s amended.

Parler said they would welcome anyone on the app who wants to engage in civil discourse. Every day, Big Tech strives further away from free speech and more towards censoring anything conservative. Democrats allegedly “hate corporate power” but have no problem standing quietly behind it.