One Way To Tell Your City Is In Trouble


It seems that everyone wants to criticize White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, to the extent that even a Mayor has stooped so low as to call her a “Karen.” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot mocked McEnany after she criticized crime in her city.

It all began when McEnany answered a question at the White House press briefing about a disparity President Donald Trump made between black Americans killed by police officers and white Americans. If you look at unarmed killings with police interactions, you had nine unarmed black individuals who were fatally shot, and 19 unarmed white individuals. That’s down from 38 and 32 since 2015 during the Obama Administration. 

“He was making that point, but one point he wants to make is this: That black men and women who die of homicide, they are likely to die of homicide at eight times greater than that of white individuals and Hispanics combined. That’s the rate combined,” McEnany explained.

McEnany listed the names of kids who died across the country and stated that President Trump will take action. What fueled the fire between McEnany and the Mayor is her following statement. “He’ll take action and the derelict mayor of Chicago should step up and ask for federal help, because she’s doing a very poor job at securing her streets.”

In response, Lightfoot tweeted a screenshot of McEnany’s comments with the caption “Karen, watch your mouth.” Very mature for a Mayor…

Gary Coby, the President’s 2020 campaign digital director, then fired back at Lightfoot on Twitter with the crime statistics affecting the residents of Chicago. “Black people are being murdered at a record rate in Chicago. The violence and death is out of control…64 shot & 11 killed just last weekend. 373 have been killed just this year, a 35% increase. Here is the Mayor, who is a total failure at stopping this violence,” Coby tweeted.

How many black people in Chicago have to be killed for Mayor Lightfoot to see that there is a problem with the “movements?” There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but continuing to endure senseless murders and spend your time calling the press secretary a “Karen” is a complete waste of time and an incredibly childish move. 

But then again, here’s another liberal acting off their feelings instead of taking initiative to make changes in a city where their citizens are being endangered everyday and communities are infested with crime. Lightfoot is too busy going through neighborhoods getting people to fill out a census and get more money to not use to control her city or working towards mail-in ballot voting. The Chicago PD is absolutely under-appreciated and Lightfoot needs to be doing her best to communicate that instead of creating war zones.

So the big question is…When is the Mayor going to do her job?