Nina Simone’s Granddaughter Accuses VP Harris Of Bullying Her Mother To The Point Of Almost Killing Herself And Causing The Family To Lose Their Estate


Nina Simone’s granddaughter, ReAnna Simone Kelly, recently shared that Vice President Kamala Harris bullied her mother to the point that she almost killed herself and caused the family to lose control of the family’s estate. She shared that the family doesn’t run the estate anymore and that their last name was dragged in the media.

A Twitter user pointed out that Nina Simone passed away April 21, 2003, and that there was a Twitter account launched for her on July 15, 2006. The user had asked why Simone’s estate would even make an account for her.

Simone responded with a Twitter thread referring to a 2016 settlement regarding the Nina Simone Charitable Trust. The settlement referred to Kamala Harris multiple times as it was her primary responsibility for supervising charitable trusts in California as the state attorney general. The settlement explains how AG Harris accused Lisa Simone Kelly of breaching her fiduciary duty to the Estate and Charitable Trust when she allegedly drained up to $2 million from its coffers, including a $1.5 million deposit into her personal account.

“The Attorney General seeks to surcharge Kelly for amounts totaling $5,937,749.42 plus over $2.5 million in interest, which the Attorney General contends is far more than one-half of the Estate’s value during [Lisa Simone] Kelly’s administration of the Estate,” the settlement reads.

ReAnna Simone Kelly wrote that Kamala Harris separated her family, put her grandmother’s estate in shambles, and bullied her mother in court to the point that she almost killed herself from the depression. She said her mother was put under a “gag order” and couldn’t even say she was Nina Simone’s daughter.

Kelly wrote that the family is so proud of her legacy but feels so separated from it, knowing that other people are making money off of her grandmother’s hard work. She accused VP Harris of stripping their rights as Nina Simone’s family.

“Oh wait. While we’re asking Kamala questions ask her why after all of this pain and suffering she put us through a Nina Simone song was sang at the inauguration to swear her in as VP?!” she wrote of John Legend’s performance of her grandmother’s version of “Feeling Good. She knew what she was doing,” Kelly concluded her Twitter thread.

Singer John Legend had performed Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” during the televised 2021 inauguration.

Simone Kelly later posted a video in support of her daughter, adding that she cannot speak on certain things but that her daughter and son, who witnessed the happenings firsthand, are choosing to step forward with the truth and use the opportunity to continue the future of the Simone Legacy. She said that anyone who believes everything they read in the media has been “misled” and adds that the truth will set them free.

As always, believe what Democrats do, not what they say. VP Harris’s actions are among her other shady attributes and prove that she will never be capable of doing her job. Democrats have Joe Biden as a stand-in until they instill Marxist Kamala Harris into the oval office. If you asked Kamala Harris what happened with the Simone family and the alleged bullying, she’d probably just cackle. That’s her signature move.