New York Reports Highest Daily Coronavirus Case Rate Despite Vaccine, Mask Mandates


The coronavirus incidence in New York was the highest ever, despite widespread vaccinations and mask mandates. New York reported 21 027 new cases of the virus Friday, surpassing the January record of 19,942 cases. Bloomberg reports that 7.98% of the approximately 263,500 people who were tested for the virus were positive.

The New York Times’ coronavirus tracker reports that New York has an average daily incidence of 11,482 cases, the highest in the country, or 59 cases per 100,000. This represents a 56 percent rise in cases over the past two weeks.

New York also reports an average daily number of 4,146 hospitalizations per day or 21 for every 100,000 people — a 25% increase in the past two weeks.

This is in spite of increasing restrictions and mandates in Empire State, which has mandated vaccines to healthcare workers. New York City has been more aggressive in mandating vaccines for both city workers and private-sector workers. Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), has also implemented Key to NYC Pass. This allows businesses to discriminate against people who are not vaccinated. After extending the requirement to children aged 5-11, he made waves, causing businesses such as indoor restaurants to refuse entry to any child without proof that they had received at least one shot.

Governor is also responsible for the state’s highest daily rate of cases. Gov. Kathy Hochul announced this month that businesses must either ask for proof of vaccination from their customers or implement a broad mask mandate. Dec. 13 was the effective date of the rule.

“As Governor, my top priorities are to protect New Yorkers’ health and the economy. Hochul stated that the temporary measures he is taking today will allow him to accomplish this goal through the holiday season.

Hochul stated that New York will soon change the definition “fully vaccinated” to include people who have received the booster shot.

“We are working on this. She said that she couldn’t roll out the project today until she addressed that one issue that was brought to her attention. “I believe it should happen and we will make that happen in New York,” she said.