Media Launch Gaslighting Campaign After White House Demands Better Economic Coverage


We learned earlier this week that the White House aggressively sought out corporate media to “reform [economic] coverage in favor of its favor.” It works, surprise, no one!

They have been discussing trends in job creation, economic growth and supply chains with newsrooms. The argument is that the economy of the country is much stronger than last year. According to me, the conversations were productive with reporters, anchors, and producers getting to speak with officials… (emphasis added)

Even though gas prices have risen more than a dollar overall since Joe Biden’s fraud, Don Lemon (D–CNN) still serenades Joe Biden — literally — over a drop of pennies…

This piece is chock-full of data. The economy is nearing a standstill, according to any objective measure. According to any objective measure, the pace of job creation is slowing. Productivity fell to its lowest level since 1960. We can all feel the inflation. Prices for food, energy, and services are rising at a rate not seen since the Carter years. Why? Why? Because the federal government is heating up the economy with insane amounts of spending. Slow Joe wants trillions more.

Two weeks before Biden asked them, left-wing Axios carried Biden’s water: “The economy’s great, but the voters don’t believe that.”

They are all so good dogs.

Do you remember when Democrats were great at empathy? Their strength was empathy. Twenty years ago, including the media, the left wouldn’t have thought it was so stupid to call a brass band because gas prices had dropped a few pennies. This is their real identity. The left hates every American. They hate everyday Americans and have nothing but contempt.

Democrats and their media minions clearly communicate this message: It’s a boom, you stupid rubes! Because you are stupid rubes, you don’t get why the economy is booming!

This will not work out for the good. The media is no longer credible enough to influence public opinion. The media cannot do more than to undermine their credibility by running shameless gaslighting campaigns for their president.