Maxine Waters Gives Deranged Trump Rant On CNN


There’s a reason why CNN’s ratings continue to plummet. Appearing on a Sunday segment of the radical-left platform, Rep. Maxine Waters went after the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump. She went off in a rant claiming that they pose a threat to voting rights and are trying to shore election integrity within GOP-led state legislatures. There has never been any voter suppression with requiring an ID, it’s just about swaying the election.

Waters started off by talking about the life of John Lewis and how he probably thought we’d be past the attempts to keep Blacks from voting and have states “coming up with suppression laws.” She said we’ve already been through the poll tax days and things that keep people from voting and said that the Republican governors are trying to “take us back” and make sure there are voting obstacles.

Maxine Waters went on to claim that it’s a “dangerous time” for our democracy because Trump served for four years and led the country to believe that the election is stolen. She mentioned the Jan 6. Insurrection, the Proud Boys, and putting together a commission to “get to the bottom of what’s right.”

“One way or the other, we’ve got to stop Trump and his allies. It’s more than undermining our democracy. They’re dangerous and they’re out to do harm. And so, we’re in a bad time in this country, trying to manage all of this. But we must manage it. We must protect our democracy. We must not allow Trump to win,” Waters said.

It’s hard to believe that people would still listen to elected officials who supervise the rising violence in the streets and continue to push the race card every chance they get. The only “voter suppression” is coming from the radical left and their efforts to keep any conservatives from voting. Every other country in the world requires a photo ID to be verified before they can vote. What makes the US any different?

At this point, CNN has stopped reporting the real news and started broadcasting opinions and agendas. The network didn’t even point out that Rep. Waters was booed in 2017 for objecting to Donald Trump’s election. She and other House Democrats objected to the votes and tried to claim that Russia influenced the election in favor of Trump. But they were told that there can be no debate as votes were announced state after state.

Towards the end of the count, Waters pleaded for senators to join her in a letter of objection. She received nothing but boos from Republicans. House Speaker Paul Ryan was seen behind Biden laughing. She’d told a reporter that she doesn’t plan on cooperating with the Trump Administration and that she’s going to fight him “every inch of the way.” It seems like that’s been the case in the last four years.

She even urged prosecutors on the show to go after Trump and his children. She said whether they’re in New York or in Georgia, they need to go after him and how he’s cheated on his taxes and taken advantage of having a nonprofit. She ranted on about Trump dipping into funds from his organizations like it’s his own money.

Waters even tried to suggest that Trump and his allies may try to plan another January 6. It’s incredible how “sensitive” liberals are to words that they would let someone suggest that on national television. Isn’t the mere suggestion of that inciting violence?

The Democrat’s attitude about Trump from the very beginning has been “extreme” and “threatening.” Democrats will stop at nothing to point all of the power threats at Trump when they’ve been holding all the power in this country the whole time.