Illinoisans Are Crossing The Border To Escape High Gas Taxes


Illinoisans who live near the border tend to drive to neighboring states to avoid high gas taxes. The Land of Lincoln is the most expensive place in the Midwest to fill up.

AAA reports that the average Illinois gallon costs $4.46. This price includes state taxes and fees, which account for more than 50 cents.

Missouri’s gas taxes and fees are 17.42 cents. The gas tax in Missouri is $3.76 per gallon. It makes it more attractive to cross the border.

How easy is it to cross into Mississippi River if you live close to the Missouri border in Illinois? The Center Square was visited by John Sharp, President, Illinois Fuel and Retail Association.

He said that the trend is impacting Illinois gas stations close to the border. He is receiving complaints from owners about losing business to other states.

Sharp explained that their gallons are decreasing, which means they sell less in-store products.
Illinois drivers travel to Missouri not only to fill up but also to find cheaper fuel.

A gallon of gasoline costs $3.88 in Iowa. In Kentucky, drivers pay $3.95 for a gallon. Indiana residents pay $4.13 per gallon. 42.2 cents go towards state taxes and fees.