Nancy Pelosi’s New Bill Just Changed What Happened On Jan. 6


While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi normalized and supported all of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa-led riots that burned down cities and killed people in the streets last summer (8,700 protests to be exact), she has used the single Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building to create a negative impression of the Republican Party, especially former President Donald Trump, in the eyes of the public. When the radical left mobs were destroying police departments and burning down small businesses, Speaker Pelosi responded that “people will do what they do.”

While the incident was due to poor planning by local law enforcement officials, Rep. Mike Rogers also criticized Pelosi for keeping the fencing and National Guard present around Capitol Hill despite the fact that much larger demonstrations have taken place in D.C in the past. He adds that the large presence of guards and razor wire and fencing were all to push a political agenda against Republicans.

“That’s all theater that Nancy Pelosi is trying to create the impression that Republicans are dangerous and Trump was the cause of all of this. It’s silly. The most outrageous that she is doing right now. She still has members of the House having to walk through magnetometers to go on the House floor. And if you don’t walk through them, then you get hit with a $5,000 fine that they automatically deduct from your next paycheck. She’s just out of control,” Rogers said.

The Pentagon recently approved a request to continue the National Guard support at the Capitol through May 23, 2021, with about 2,300 troops. They were expected to leave in the middle of March but were followed with a 60-day extension following unknown “intelligence” that there was still a potential security threat. The report has also suggested installing a new mobile fencing system and federal agency in the D.C area.

Pelosi has also started to rewrite what actually happened Jan. 6 under a new bill she introduced, H.R. 1085. While the bill looks to “honor” the Capitol Police by presenting them with congressional gold medals, the language of the bill itself is incredibly politicizing. So much for advocating ‘defund the police’ measures. Now, she wants to present them with a gold medal.

In the bill, Pelosi describes the Americans who showed up to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election as a “mob of insurrectionists,” even though FBI counterterrorism revealed in a report that not a single individual who entered the building was carrying a firearm. Using the term ‘insurrectionists’ is purely political slander.

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Party are using threat inflation to generate more fear and justify keeping thousands of National Guard soldiers present around Capitol Hill while providing no real explanation to ordinary citizens. If you need thousands of soldiers to protect an inauguration from the people, then you probably weren’t elected by the people in the first place.