House Speaker Pelosi Argues They Won The House Election


There have been many claims that “radical ideas” or Republican attack ads are to blame for why the Democrats lost 9 House Seats this election, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argues that the Democrats turned out and could claim a victory from all of this. Easy for someone to say who has been reelected speaker of the House for a fourth term. 

The caucus has never locked in any rules regarding term limits for the speaker or top leadership positions. It’s about time to start looking into that. She said she would abide by enacting term limits for leaders or committee chairs, but has yet to prove that. Pelosi has held on so tightly to her power that other members have not been given opportunities to gain valuable experience or move around positions of power. 

“Imagine nearly two million more votes than Donald Trump, and people say, ‘well, the Democrats didn’t turn out,’ no, we did. We turned out our folks. In fact, more than three million more than the Republicans did. But as I said, in the most gerrymandered voter suppressed political arena with President Trump on the ballot,” Pelosi said. 

The House Speaker went on to congratulate members of the Democratic Party who won their seats and for the turnout that President-elect Joe Biden created. She said that because of the presidential win “we related to these others.” The comment was enough to set a fight between the radical left and the more moderate centrist establishment Democrats. 

Some members said that the attack ads against ideas such as “open border” or ‘defund the police” harmed their campaign and almost made them lose their House seats. Others argued that it is enough evidence to blame radical ideas for why they lost so many House seats.

Pelosi has continued to downplay the 9 GOP gains, citing the 40 seat flip in the 2018 midterms. She talked about the presidential win in key swing states and noted that they will continue to protect the seats they still have this year. She insists that their leverage and power is enhanced by having a Democratic President in the White House, but has yet to show it. 

Radical Democrats are clashing with moderate Democrats over the ideas they support and fully endorse. This just shows that the left will say whatever they have to in order to maintain power and gain political games. Isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi is doing right now?