Homeless Man Touts Big Government Checks As City Residents Plagued By Crime


One San Francisco man claims that the city pays him to be homeless because Californians continue to voice their concern about the crimes plaguing their communities.

In a Twitter video, the homeless man said that “if you’re going homelessness–it’s pretty easy here” The man stated that he feels like his “neighbors” in the video and that he chose to remain homeless “by choice.”

The man said, “I mean, they pay you here to be homeless here if that’s going to be real.”

Michael Shellenberger, author of “San Fransicko,” joined Fox & Friends Friday to reveal that he had interviewed hundreds of homeless people in the United States, including the man shown in the video. Shellenberger revealed that the man received $620 per month in cash welfare and $200 per month in food stamps.

Shellenberger said that people are drawn to San Francisco because of its most generous benefits. Will Cain, “Fox & Friends”, co-host, agreed.

The author also stated that the man admitted to trading food stamps in exchange for cash. He also confessed that he purchased fentanyl from a teenager and then sold it to another 15-year-old. Shellenberger described the man’s actions as “pretty typical behavior” among homeless people in California.

Many residents are calling out their local officials about unsafe living conditions as homelessness continues to rise under the leadership of California. One concerned parent in Venice Beach raised the alarm about crime, claiming that the city might be responsible for failing to enforce laws relating to overnight encampments.

Matt Stayner, a television host, stated that his family feels unsafe living near the encampments since his son was stabbed while riding the Metro. Although his son is now well, Stayner stated that his son was fortunate to have two sheriffs nearby as a result of the lack of police presence in the area.

“It was a terrible mistake for us to defund this police force. Stayner said to Bill Hemmer, Dana Perino that there aren’t enough people in the streets to help us and that crime has increased.

California father said that Venice Beach residents have felt “really hurt” by the absence of police. He also noted that nearby parks had been subject to open drug use, a shooting, and sexual assault.