Hillary Clinton Grades Biden On His First 100 Days In Office


While former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claims that Republicans “live in an alternate reality,” she recently told CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” that she would give President Joe Biden an “A” for his first 100 days in office.

“I give him an “A,” and I’m a hard grader. I would give him an “A” on effort. He’s done a couple of things so well, Fareed. He has once again embodied and modeled what a president should act like in the Oval Office, in the White House, in the world at large with dignity, with purposefulness, with care for what he says and how he treats people,” Clinton said.

Clinton claims there has been a “tremendous amount of positive action” in making the federal government work and that President Biden has got the government working in the right way. She also praised President Biden’s American Rescue Plan for getting money into the pockets of Americans who are suffering economically and getting over 220 million shots into arms.

But Democrats and mainstream media outlets have been trying to erase the credit of former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program, which got vaccines developed and distributed within months. Last month, CNN even claimed that Biden was “single-handedly” responsible for the impressive success of the COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution. CNN producer Ashley Semler said the U.S “went from having one of the worst Covid responses to being a global leader in vaccinations under Biden.”

President Biden didn’t “magically” turn vaccine distribution in the U.S. He simply picked up where his predecessor left off. It was the Trump Administration and Operation Warp Speed that made 232 million inoculations possible. Even though Biden insists he inherited a “mess” in the country’s response to COVID-19, he’s mostly stuck with the vaccine rollout plan in Trump’s playbook. He just won’t give Trump credit for it.

Clinton also claims that Biden has received “such high approval ratings” from not only Democrats but even Independents and Republicans. She said people don’t have to worry all the time about seeing their president on television or “hold their breath” over what he’s going to say.

“They don’t have to shake their head and wonder that a president is going to tell them to drink bleach. We now have a mature, experienced president, and thank goodness we do,” Clinton adds.

But Biden’s ratings only seem to be dropping and falling far short of Trump’s in the viewership department. For Trump’s 2018 address to a Joint Session, 48 million people tuned in to watch. For Biden’s address, only 27 million tuned in. Even MSNBC and CNN, two of the most radical-left news networks on cable television, have seen a plummet in viewership and online publications. For a guy who received “more votes” than any other presidential candidate in U.S history, you’d think more people would tune in.

Despite Biden’s promises of running an honest and transparent presidency, he’s barely broken from a teleprompter speech to talk to reporters and press conferences. He has only found time to try and pass some of the biggest spending packages in U.S history. That’s not an A, that’s an F.